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C. Ronaldo Overhead


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kev your sig is so funny :D
and with the c.ronaldo playing for brazil it looks like to me the old arsenal away kit on my option file as the colours are the same so it may be a master league

Paul B

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Very nice overhead :cool:

Kevthedrummer said:
Wow that was a great goal... but how long has C. Ronaldo been playing in Brazil?? :confused: ;)
I'd hazard a guess that its C.Ron in his master league team...which appears to be Arsenal/Southampton.


Alive in the superunknown
crazy_legs said:
yeah you dont see to many complete overheads on pes3

I see this as a good thing because if there were too many, it'd just be unrealistic like FIFA. They are diffictult 2 execute on the pitch and on the game which is what i like cos u get an extra special feeling when you score one.

As for the Brazil thing... sorry bout that I should learn my kits better :D


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very much enjoyed the videos paul B glad we're not the only ones who suffer the indignity of hoofing it over an empty net!