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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [PC/360/PS3]

What is your favourite map?

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Keyser Soze

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If you build it, they will come..



The Three Amigos
This thread doesn't deserve to have dropped onto the second page, especially when Kayne and Lynch is still on the first!

Just recently made a class with a silcenced P90 and UAV jammer.

Happy times! :ninja::gunfire::ninja:


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If anyone is up for some proper games i still play this, unlike MW2. I hate that game with a passion :D


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I finally played and finished it this week. Fantastic game. The intensity of the campaign missions is great, but it's way too short.

I also now know what Germans must feel when they play WW2 games. :mellow:

In any case, Rainbow Six Vegas is far superior in the realism/simulation department. Nothing beats the 'taking cover' thing in that game. On the other hand, MW's campaign is a lot more action packed than R6.


Super Moderator
1:15. :lmao:

Do only morons play this now? You danced around them and they took zero notice.


Good stuff Dave.


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1:15. :lmao:

Do only morons play this now? You danced around them and they took zero notice.

I panicked because he switched weapon :lol:

When i play on my MrPuss account i do get paired with morons most of the time because i mess around on that account, so my stats are pretty poor. But on AndehPandeh i play the pros :cool:


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Watching this brings back memories of playing PES online :lol:

A good video though man, I'm glad I don't have CoD4 anymore as you'd rape me on it! :D