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Call of Duty 5: World At War


Registered User
Well i finally put this game in the ps3 after around 6 months as i decided to try and complete a few easy trophys that i couldnt be bothered to get as i was on 67%

Game tells me to DL an update 150mb, i do this and WTF im down to 50% on the trophys list as some more have been added on which i personally feel is bullshit. Cant belive for me to get the full 100% or even 80% i have to buy the map pack 2 which i am not going to do.

So the only way to get 100% is to get the map pack and go online for days and nights which not every1 has the time to do.

Inconsiderate bitches!!!

Dale C.

Registered User
Fuck me this game is hard on veteran.

Just finished Heart of the Reich, and i'm on a break now because its taken me all day to do :lol:

Dale C.

Registered User
It's ridiculous.

No army in the world could have that many grenades, especially one that was holed up in a single building with no supplies on its way. So, so stupid.

Probably the only gripe I have with this game really, that and the multiplayer isn't really up to scratch and seems really really rushed.

Apart from that, epic storyline, some good characters for a war game and great graphics.
Yes yes, i'm extremely late to the party and apologies for the mega bump.

Just finished the game (on normal seeing as the only FPS i've owned and played in the last decade is Half Life 2 and I don't even class that in the same genre as this) and the last levels outside and inside the Reichstag were just brilliant. Great ending as well with Oldmans performance to cap it off.

The Russian campaign was just immense, I could've played a whole game with just Reznov and Petrenko, killing Nazis and joking about past experiences with each other. Tbh the Pacific campaign didn't really do it for me as much (but it was enjoyable nonetheless) but nothing beats stabbing a crazed kamikaze jap in the neck with a knife.
Done the first three levels on veteran and up to the assassination bit in the fourth (so more or less done) i'm really enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would, especially as after breezing through it in a day and a bit in regular, Veteran has really upped the challenge where levels are taking me about 60-90 minutes to do. I die way too many times though, so not looking forward to the last Japanese level or the last two at the Reichstag.

Might try and finish this in Veteran before starting on MW 1 and 2.