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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Your review.

The Liverpool Way

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I went to 3 ASDAs, 4 Sainsburys, 1 Morrisons and Comet and Currys.... SOLD OUT.

I just called a Sainsburys and they said they have it, so i'll have it (Hopefully haha) in about an hour...

I post my little review soon....


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I played a few round with Del yesterday and my first impressions are great.

There was only one thing I am not so sure about and I had no problems with this on COD4; it's the points which come up after you kill someone - it only comes up for a split second, but it seems to take a bit of room and get in the way - especially if you make a few kills in one area looking down the scope.

I will have to have another look tonight because I only had a few rounds, but this just stuck in my mind for some reason.

I dont see why they cant just have the points come up at the top or bottom of the screen. Ok, points mean a lot and we all like to see this, but we will still see them somewhere else on the screen, it doesnt have to be right in our face and block our view.

It's not a massive problem when you think about how good the game actually is, but it's just something I noticed and remembered.


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This game is brilliant, i'm having the hard task of deciding what to play COD or PES. LOL, i have to be switching between games cause both r so great.


The Three Amigos
lol Fab, getting picky aren't we!?

Do you snipe or something? As when I use the RDS it doesn't get in my way?


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I really like it. Only played online so far but it seems to be really good.

Just a shame the online is down atm :(

The Liverpool Way

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Been playing it since release day and it's a fantastic game.

Played online yesterday and it was by far the best Call of Duty game online...

Unfortunatley online on PSN is down today :( So I havent played that many game modes and maps...

Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

At the moment from what I have played I would give MW2 a 9/10.

Of course this score will go up or down once I have fully played the campaign and spec-ops and played alot on multiplayer.


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ive got it for the pc ,the graphics are stunning
ive only played upto the airport part
and that level is different class, absoloutly jaw dropping
game of the year ,deffo and ive only played it a couple of hours,its really that good:shocking:
im not a big fan though when ure getting shot up and taking damage its really hard to aim

you know at the start when it asks you for some scenes to be cut out because there "disturbing' scenes
i wonder what they cut out?:huh:


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liking the game, graphics are stunning but its very easy imo, WaW was one of the hardest games ive ever seen on Vet this is just simples. by this i mean on WaW to get from 1 checkpoint to another once took me about an hour the most this last is around 15mins.

Story is abit strange, unlike the previou COD this is just Gun Gun Gun, with a few minor stealth bits which soon turn into raging battles. Abit disapointed that they didnt put a cover system in as its kinda hard to peer out of a corner without getting shot.

not tried the Co-Op just yet but it supposed to last as long a single player which is not bad.

Trophies look like they should be quite easy to get but any ideas on why there are no online trophies? (this is good imo as i dont like pissing around trying to get these online).

I'd personally give this game around 8 out 10.

(any ideas why they put the distubing scence bit at the start up saying if u want to miss it? its not that bad imo. It was kinda weird when the level started, i thought they where just gonna hold the place hostage but they just started blasting away which i happily followed.)


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I'm talking about the campaign, so spoilers ahoy...

Like 4, the American side of things are far inferior to the Brits. The best mission as Ramirez is definitely re-taking the White House, but apart from that nothing particularly stood out. 'No Russian' was very good, but I wish there was an undercover mission or two beforehand rather than throwing you straight into murdering civilians.

For the large part I loved the Task Force 141 missions, except the ones in the Rio favellas. None quite had the same impact as 'All Ghillied Up', but 'Cliffhanger' and the small section as the astronaut left a wow factor. While they may be linear as hell, the stealth segments are by far my favourite of the game.

The conclusion was epic. They had to outdo Modern Warfare and, while slightly ridiculous, they did that. Soap and Price are just an awesome double act.