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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Woo Woo Woo
These are just rumours at the moment..

*Vehicles will be in MW2
*M16 will return, using stopping power will only be OHK at head, neck, and torso (abdomen, limbs, and hands/feet will not)
*Ak47 and M4 will return, unknown if there are any changes
*M40 will return, ACOG damage boost will be fixed
*Scorpion, P90, M21, R700, G3, G360 will not return
*There are more unknown weapons that will not return
*New sniper rifle: SR25M (United states forces)
*New Assault rifle: Diemeco C8 (Canadian forces M4 equivelant)
*New Assault rifle: L85A2 (United Kingdom forces)
*Total weapons in multiplayer are said to be around 35
*Favourite Modern warfare 1 maps will return
*Helicopters, air strikes, UAV will return
*Red dot sightings will come in different shapes for multiplayer (circular, square, original)
*Snipers will have special grass camouflage (As seen in Modern warfare 1’s campaign)
*All perks will return from MW except eavesdrop and others will be altered
*All gametypes will return from MW and all will have hardcore versions
*New gametype: Secure (Call of duty version of capture the flag, however you capture the enemy’s Intel)
*New gametype unconfirmed name, similar to search and destroy, however instead of trying to plant a bomb, you try to kill a specified enemy
*Solider customization for each class (and each country)
*Sniper with silencers will NOT be in multiplayer
*There are NO bots in local multiplayer
*Similar version to Nazi Zombies, however details are unknown
*NO guest players online, 1 player per console
*Killcam save feature
*There is blood and gore
*Offline/Online Co-op
*Story takes place in the Middle East
*Role as US marines return
*Ken Lally voice work in campaign
*Release is set for sometime in November
*New army tags will be available to add different elements in campaign (similar to halo skulls)
*Campaign-only weapons


*Vehicles will be in MW2
Why God, why?

Apart from that everything sounds great, I especially like the sound of this..
*Killcam save feature


Staff member
It's not that hard to spot either. They need to make the grass longer, imo.


Super Moderator
Wasn't there grass camo for snipers in MW? Not really a new addition.

The camouflaged sniper rifle would be nice though.

Hilarious when people walk straight past you lying in the grass without realising. :lol:


Registered User
Ah, when they said grass camo for snipers, I thought they meant the gilley suit for the player and not the sniper itself :/


Didn't realise this thread, but this game is going to be something of truly epic proportions. The camoflauged sniper rifle alone is making my mouth water. Myself and one of my mates loved sniping, it was completely different to a lot of the running and gunning. With sniping a lot of it was about patience, accuracy and also outsmarting the opponent, the whole element of stealth-play was great and felt so sneaky.

Shame about vehicles making an appearance though, hopefully they will be optional online, otherwise they could certainly ruin the balance of the matches.

The new guns are definitely a welcome addition, I loved the previous weapons but if I loved them that much I would just go back and play COD4. Change is good in some respects and weapons is absolutely up there, especially considering the game is based around modern technology.


Super Moderator
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Well that was a big fat waste of time!! DUnno why you need to put your DOB in before watching it as well!

Lörd TH

Registered User
It's the 10th of November.

It looks like at the end of the trailer when it has 1,2 it looks like there is a 3 so mabye CoD MW 3 secretly announced already?


Woo Woo Woo
Apparently some missions could take place in Brazil. Some cretins went and freeze framed the trailer and spotted what looks like the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Lörd TH

Registered User
Sounded like a mission will be in an airport or something similar.

Notice the perks pictures and some new ones