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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


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Could easily wait for a mate to buy them and then get him to give you his account details, then log in as him and go to his Downloads in Store and then download the maps to your system.

That's what I did, doesn't take more than 10 minutes to do.


Keyser Soze

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me and 3 of my friends have bought it so like it reduced the blow on spending the full amount on it. If they haven't given the other 2 away by now, i'll give you the stuff to download it off mine. If not, try and get a few people to put in with you.
If you did that, I'd have no problems noshing you off. Srsly.

Otherwise, it looks like splitting it a few ways is the best option. Just picked this game up the other day btw and finally got a bit of consistency to my game back. 43-14 (on rust, heh), 28-8, and 26-5 just now in a few games of TDM. We should really get a PESGaming session going one night in the week, they were a good laugh.


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I've actually started playing this again after finally having a break from CoD4 and am quite enjoying it. The only thing annoying me is the damn hit-markers when sniping, i get so many assists because of them.

I definitely won't be buying the map packs, waste of money.


Woo Woo Woo
If we can get a good number of players, I wouldn't mind playing.

I don't think I've played it since December mind.

I bet I'm still better than Mike.


The Three Amigos
Still play it at the weekend, and one or two nights in the week.

Just got to 9th Prestige; get this done and once more and I'm there; then I'll go Nuke hunting.


Insert user title here
I'll add you mate. I remember when I was the laughing stock of PESGaming players.

I haven't played the game in ages, but in the past when I've had a break, I found I've come back sharper.

I'll be online from about 6pm onwards tomorrow - if people can gather from that sort of time, or whenever after then they can, it could be good.

We'll see if we can't arrange something original, or maybe get enough of us to play some private Team Deathmatches or something.

If anyone wants to add me, feel free. PSN username to the left.


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Laughing stock? This fills me with confidence! I am very confident i will take this title ha.

I do try to play well, i just aint quick enough, lucky if i get near evens on death to kills! But practise makes perfect eh.


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Don't worry Danny, you're not the only one who has trouble finishing games on evens! >_<

Most of my deaths are to campers, as I gun & run lol... I hate playing against them with a passion!


Insert user title here
Right, let's do it then. 6pm onwards, marathon CoD session.

Hopefully we'll have all the people who have an expressed an interest, plus a gaggle of others.

If we could get some private games going that would be good. I dislike smug 13 year olds with headsets who kill me too often. I end up just threatening them with violence that I know I can't actually follow through with.

I also think we should ban sniper rifles - but that's just me.


I should be available and as long as Original? and Guillermo don't turn up, we shouldn't have to worry too much about sniper rifles.


Staff member
I actually would have sniped depending on the map, but no worries. I'll play without.

Guillermo won't show up. Once he finishes with a game, that's it. That is how he treats his men too.