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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


I was gonna go back to COD4 yesterday actually, because after they released that Black Ops patch on PS3 it completely and utterly fucked it up! It was taking me about 3 minutes to find a game and when I did it would always cut off mid-match...Black Ops also seems to freeze my PS3 a fair bit which is a cunt!

A couple of things that REALLY piss me off STILL...those fucking commando lunges, I mean seriously what the fuck? Are you telling me that if I was running at a guy and he started to empty a clip in me - I'd be able to jump 15 metres and stab him? really?

The dogs are also impossible to kill unless you shoot them, at least in WaW you had a chance to fend them off with your blade


Staff member
^ I guess the dogs are stronger as a reward for getting to 11 kills.

Black Ops cuts off too much for my liking. And it's not like MW2 where it would find a new host almost instantly. If it's gone, it's gone.


The Three Amigos
23-2 on Afghan, with the 3,4,5 killstreak, including a 3v1 clutch to win the final round, and the game 4-3.

I am epic.


The Three Amigos
Anyone know of any decent drinking games for MW2? None that involve swigging beer, as I'll be investing in several bottles of Afterschock, so we'll be doing shots...


Registered User
Anyone know of any decent drinking games for MW2? None that involve swigging beer, as I'll be investing in several bottles of Afterschock, so we'll be doing shots...
each kill streak reward gained take a shot. I did it once. one of your mates has to set the kill streak rewards. After more and more shots you'd find it hard to get a UAV.


The Three Amigos
You've obviously never played MW2 with me. Even under the influence I am awesome.

I thought of killstreaks, but they're too easy to get, even in S&D.

I was thinking shots when you get an AC130 or CG? Or perhaps with double/triple/multi kills (a shot per kill (ie. 2 shots for a double kill))?


The Three Amigos
Wow, had to play against three utter pricks yesterday.

Now a lot of us will OMA noobtube off the start of S&D maps. If you're stupid enough to run down danger paths then it's your own fault if you get killed by one.

But yesterday there were three players on the other team who would set up two claymores each and literally sit in a room at spawn, heartbeat sensors and noobtubes, constantly replenishing via OMA. Needless to say they won a few games on the bounce, ALWAYS with this approach.

In our last game, however, I managed to find the last one (whilst tied 3-3, 1v1) and knife him with milliseconds left. He wasn't happy when I messaged him with "lololololol".

Have any of you come across players like this? I may come across one, two at a very push in the same game, but three?


The Three Amigos
Wow. Don't play the game anymore so it doesn't affect me, but that was a good map.
We've started playing S&D on it again, and it only just ocurred to me that we never came across that map! Apparently an update has just put the map back in, minus the painting. Xbox and PC still to wait for it!