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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


File this away inside your head as a rumour for now, but sources close to Activision are claiming that Infinity Ward may not be developing the inevitable Modern Warfare 3, according to VG247.

Instead, anonymous sources cited by the site indicate that Infinity Ward are starting work on an entirely new IP and that Modern Warfare 3 may have been handed to the unnamed third team said to have become attached to the franchise - i.e., not the other Call of Duty developer, Treyarch.

The sources are totally anonymous and none of the studios have yet commented on the story, so it's not a rumour which we'd suggest totally buying into just yet, though the idea does make sense.

Hypothetically, the move could allow the now well-know Infinity Ward to create another, new IP while the sure-selling Modern Warfare 3 could also be in the pipeline somewhere else, crucially without the involvement of Treyarch.

What exactly Treyarch and Infinity Ward may go on to do is unclear, but rumours of a Call of Duty: Online title are still rife.

Again though, there's absolutely no confirmation or firm credibility yet attached to this rumour, plausible as it sounds.

All makes perfectly good sense.

EDIT: Slated for 2011 release.


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That doesn't really say anything at all... except that perhaps Activision need to keep Infinity Ward on board. Over 8 million units sold in the first week release of MW2 should be evidence enough.

Let's face it though, If infinity Ward are not involved in the next (and inevitable) MW, it will lead to serious doubts regarding the quality.


That doesn't really say anything at all... except that perhaps Activision need to keep Infinity Ward on board. Over 8 million units sold in the first week release of MW2 should be evidence enough.

Let's face it though, If infinity Ward are not involved in the next (and inevitable) MW, it will lead to serious doubts regarding the quality.

Serious doubts but it'll sell nearly as much anyway which means they can pull this, release a version slightly inferior to MW2 and at the same time make a new title which is likely to sell a lot, maximising profits.


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Commercialism over customer satisfaction. Shouldn't be surprised if you are correct Don.


Activision has outlined the future of the Call of Duty series in a statement today that goes part way towards explaining yesterday's news that Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West had left the publisher - possibly forcibly.

The two Infinity Ward heads were rumoured to be upset with Activision's policy and the fact that none of the royalties for Modern Warfare 2 - which grossed more than $1 billion USD - have been paid. It's since been confirmed that security entered the Infinity Ward building and that both Jason West and Vince Zampella have left Infinity Ward after more than nine years with the team.

Activision's statement plays down these facts though and focuses on the announcement of new Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games, some of which have been handed to new developer Sledgehammer Games, formed by ex-EA executives.

Activision's statement confirms that there'll be a new Call of Duty game from Treyarch this Autumn, with the popular rumour being that the game will be based in the Vietnam War.

Sledgehammer Games' new title will be released in 2011 and will move the genre forward to a more "action adventure" setting. Sledgehammer is owned wholly by Activision.

Activision is also setting up a new department just to handle and further the COD franchise, which will focus on "various new brand initiatives with focused, dedicated resources around the world", as well as "high-margin digital online content" and new genres.

Infinity Ward's remnants are currently only working on the first of two map packs to be released later in the year for Modern Warfare 2.



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Important news fans.

COD4Forums Members,

The exodus of Infinity Ward continues. Jon Shiring, a programmer for IW for many years has officially left the company.

Shiring told IGN, "I'm not trying to create spectacle, I just wanted to avoid the LinkedIn nonsense," he told IGN. "No announcements other than that one." Shiring spent close to six years at Infinity Ward, working on both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. "

Along with the announcement, Senior Animator Bruce Ferriz has left. And lead designer Mackey McCandlish has also left Infinity Ward. All of these announcements have occurred after a month ago IW co-founders Todd Alderman and Francesco Gigliotti were fired by Activision.

Along with the the quittings, the co-founders have recently signed with EA. They'll be running their own brand, and a project already looms in the distance.

All of this news certainly doesn't bode well for the COD franchise. With so many uncertainties with IW, the speculation now begins. How much longer before another IW Call of Duty game releases? If we ever even see one again.

Lörd TH

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The cover for the box, apparently.

Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Bigger Story, More Destruction This Fall

Brian Crecente — While still unannounced, sources who have seen the game in action tell Kotaku that the next Call of Duty will be a Modern Warfare 3 that pushes the bar on what people have come to expect from the series. And it hits this fall.

The yet-to-be announced sequel is under development by Infinity Ward, though a swath of those developers left the company in a civil-litigation uprising last year. The team is being assisted by newly minted Activision studio Sledgehammer Games, we're told. We've also heard that Raven Software may be involved.

The Call of Duty series has long alternated between two sets of stories and timelines. The games made by Treyarch have typically been set during the events of World War II, though last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops moved the setting to the Cold War of the 1960s. Starting with 2007's Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward's Call of Duties all took place in a modern day setting.

In the original Modern Warfare, a civil war breaks out in the Russia of 2011. The story continues in Modern Warfare 2, which has a terrorist attack in Russia erroneously linked to the United States. That leads Russian forces to invade the U.S. Some of the missions even feature rolling ground combat in the Washington, D.C. suburbs of Virginia and in the capital itself.

Key to the near ending of Modern Warfare 2, was the detonation of a nuclear missile in the upper atmosphere above the Mid-Atlantic, something that creates an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed all electronic equipment on both sides of the raging war in D.C. Such an event would cripple the area in the short term, essentially removing the ability to use most technology in the region as the country tries to rebuild or bring in support from other parts of the country. It also seems that it could make the story a hard one to follow in a modern day shooter.

But our sources tell us Modern Warfare 3 will continue along that storyline, delivering a "world in crisis" feel to the aftermath of the U.S. invasion. However, it looks like it won't be another take on Red Dawn, a post-U.S. invasion storyline already explored by Homefront. While it's unclear where specifically the game will be set, Modern Warfare 3 will have a urban setting, much like the U.S. missions in Modern Warfare 2, with military vehicles, including tanks, rolling through suburban streets.

The story may also include prominent characters from Modern Warfare 2, like Captain John "Soap" MacTavish and Captain John Price. Modern Warfare 2 ended with Price, Soap and a Russian informant codenamed Nikolai on the run as international fugitives following their killing of Lieutenant General Shepherd.

The biggest shift for the game appears to be in its breadth. We're told that Modern Warfare 3 will take place on a much larger, epic scale. It appears the game will explore the lead up to a blossoming set of engagements that could pull in other countries, creating a potential World War III scenario. The game will also feature large, urban destructible environments.


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The first details for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been revealed.

Multiple sources have told Kotaku that the game will be released on November 8, as previous rumours have suggested.

Following on moments after the events of Modern Warfare 2, the game's story will see players travel the world as both returning and all-new characters, including a Russian agent, SAS operative and AC-130 gunner.

The 15-mission-long campaign will start with an invasion of Manhattan by the Russian army, and later cover Dubai, London, Paris, India and Sierra Leone.

Story presentation similar to previous games in the series, with short story sequences and regular cuts to new locations. Playable vehicular segments will include tanks and an AC-130 gunship.

Co-operative mode Spec Ops will return with two mission types, Survival and Mission, while the online multiplayer component will feature a "chunky list" of maps.

The title has been co-developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, with the game largely complete and finishing touches now being applied.

While Activision has yet to officially announce the game, it recently told investors that a new Call of Duty title would be revealed in the coming weeks.

This sounds fantastic, I love how they're picking up straight where the last game left off with the Russian invasion. But surely most exciting of all is news of a mission in Sierra Leone and potentially Somalia.

Lörd TH

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Surprised the likes of Hunter and Ziss haven't posted in here yet.

Seems like loads of information has been leaked, especially about the story.
*Spoilers on this link*
Multiplayer Maps

Plaza 2

Spec Ops Modes




Civilian Rescue
Flood the Market
Invisible Threat
Little Bro's
Out of Africa
No Fly Zone
Wing Man
Some concept art and images.



That does look pretty damn epic.

I'm guessing it's the 8th November right? Not the 11th August. :lol:


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I'll pick MW3. BF3 campaign looks boring. I couldn't care less about MP games to be frank. They get boring after a few hours and I don't really have the time to invest in MP games (which is why I don't really like MP - the guys who play for hours and hours are certainly a lot better than you!). COD games are easy to jump in and out of though, unlike BF3 which seems to be more hardcore.