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Can the keeper drop the ball to his feet?


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Been wondering about this for a few years now on PES. In FIFA, you can easily hit I believe it's triangle (on PS3), and the keeper can drop the ball to his feet and either play out or advance a bit with it.

On PES I assumed this was not possible, but upon slamming a bunch of buttons on this year's version I believe my keeper did drop the ball, although I'm not sure which button I pressed or if this actually happened or not.

With the looping throws being pretty unrealistic imo and the punts not too accurate, I am hoping this is possible. I don't really see why it wouldn't be, but then again for all I love about PES they do so much that I don't understand.

Anyway hope someone can provide some guidance on this. Cheers lads


It is happening again
Didn't you used to have to press both the analogue sticks at the same time?


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hi guys i saw this old thread. yes you can drop the ball to the keepers feet. in pes 14 its double click dash/sprint. easy does it..


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It's only been possible in 2013 - you couldn't do it last year or the year before.

WHAT? Are you kidding me???!!! I've been playing this game for 2.5 years and i'm still learning about this game!

(PES 2013, for me is the best 3rd Gen football game)