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champions league teams?


Registered User
will there be a full package of this years participating teams in champions league including anorthosis, cluj, bate,aalborg, steaua bucuresti or should i check on for an option file to have those teams in my game?


Registered User
If they have the rights to the CL then surely that includes every team within the CL this year. I'm pretty sure those teams will be in it.

shankly is god

Registered User
it will be like the la liga in CL mode you will be able to go the official teams etc within the CL. remember you could only have the official stuff when you went in the lilega like ball etc.... i highly doubt you would be able to use the CL ball for master leage or some teams


Registered User
yeah, im thinking these teams will be exclusive within the champions league mode along with relevent branding (i.e. champions league theme, ball, advertising, music etc.)


Registered User
Surely, if PES can use teams in CL they will get real kits etc for ML as well? Would be odd if there were such restrictions.


Registered User
I hope they sneak around it using the editing tool, i.e. make it so you can only use official licenced team in CL mode but be able to edit teams outside CL mode by copying badges and sponsors.....I doubt they'd be allowed though?