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Chant map


Registered User
Can we now edit chants in pes 2013, because for some reason it was almost impossible to get them to work in pes 2012

If so can somebody direct me to a page or link where I can look at the chants map for PES 2013

thx :)


Registered User
Can't remember where I found it, on some forum with a chant pack, but here's the txt data, just copy paste into text file.

#MapName : Chants Map
#Author : OmarAhmed
#PESGame : PES2013
#DataFile: Dt01.img

Unnamed_00448 : IRELAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00449 : SCOTLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00450 : SCOTLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00451 : WALES (Chants)
Unnamed_00452 : WALES (Chants)
Unnamed_00453 : ENGLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00454 : ENGLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00455 : ENGLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00456 : ENGLAND (Chants)
Unnamed_00457 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00458 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00459 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00460 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00461 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00462 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00463 : SPAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00464 : FRANCE (Chants)
Unnamed_00465 : FRANCE (Chants)
Unnamed_00466 : FRANCE (Chants)
Unnamed_00467 : FRANCE (Chants)
Unnamed_00468 : FRANCE (Chants)
Unnamed_00469 : NETHERLANDS (Chants)
Unnamed_00470 : NETHERLANDS (Chants)
Unnamed_00471 : NETHERLANDS (Chants)
Unnamed_00472 : NETHERLANDS (Chants)
Unnamed_00473 : ITALY (Chants)
Unnamed_00474 : CZECH REPUBLIC (Chants)
Unnamed_00475 : CZECH REPUBLIC (Chants)
Unnamed_00476 : GERMANY (Chants)
Unnamed_00477 : GERMANY (Chants)
Unnamed_00478 : GERMANY (Chants)
Unnamed_00479 : GERMANY (Chants)
Unnamed_00480 : GERMANY (Chants)
Unnamed_00481 : DENMARK (Chants)
Unnamed_00482 : DENMARK (Chants)
Unnamed_00483 : DENMARK (Chants)
Unnamed_00484 : DENMARK (Chants)
Unnamed_00485 : CROATIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00486 : CROATIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00487 : CROATIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00488 : CROATIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00489 : CROATIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00490 : BULGARIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00491 : BULGARIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00492 : RUSSIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00493 : UNITED STATES (Chants)
Unnamed_00494 : UNITED STATES (Chants)
Unnamed_00495 : UNITED STATES (Chants)
Unnamed_00496 : UNITED STATES (Chants)
Unnamed_00497 : UNITED STATES (Chants)
Unnamed_00498 : MEXICO (Chants)
Unnamed_00499 : MEXICO (Chants)
Unnamed_00500 : BRAZIL (Chants)
Unnamed_00501 : BRAZIL (Chants)
Unnamed_00502 : BRAZIL (Chants)
Unnamed_00503 : BRAZIL (Chants)
Unnamed_00504 : URUGUAY (Chants)
Unnamed_00505 : ARGENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00506 : ARGENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00507 : ARGENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00508 : ARGENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00509 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00510 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00511 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00512 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00513 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00514 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00515 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00516 : JAPAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00517 : SOUTH KOREA (Chants)
Unnamed_00518 : SOUTH KOREA (Chants)
Unnamed_00519 : SOUTH KOREA (Chants)
Unnamed_00520 : SOUTH KOREA (Chants)
Unnamed_00521 : SOUTH KOREA (Chants)
Unnamed_00522 : CHINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00523 : CHINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00524 : CHINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00525 : IRAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00526 : IRAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00527 : IRAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00528 : IRAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00529 : IRAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00530 : SAUDI ARABIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00531 : SAUDI ARABIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00532 : SAUDI ARABIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00533 : SAUDI ARABIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00534 : SAUDI ARABIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00535 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00536 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00537 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00538 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00539 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00540 : MANCHESTER UNITED (Chants)
Unnamed_00541 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00542 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00543 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00544 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00545 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00546 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00547 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00548 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00549 : FC BARCELONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00550 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00551 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00552 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00553 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00554 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00555 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00556 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00557 : REAL MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00558 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00559 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00560 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00561 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00562 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00563 : VALENCIA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00564 : RC DEPORTIVO (Chants)
Unnamed_00565 : RC DEPORTIVO (Chants)
Unnamed_00566 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00567 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00568 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00569 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00570 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00571 : OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00572 : PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00573 : PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00574 : PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00575 : PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (Chants)
Unnamed_00576 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00577 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00578 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00579 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00580 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00581 : GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUX (Chants)
Unnamed_00582 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00583 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00584 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00585 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00586 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00587 : AJAX (Chants)
Unnamed_00588 : PSV (Chants)
Unnamed_00589 : PSV (Chants)
Unnamed_00590 : PSV (Chants)
Unnamed_00591 : PSV (Chants)
Unnamed_00592 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00593 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00594 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00595 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00596 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00597 : INTER (Chants)
Unnamed_00598 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00599 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00600 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00601 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00602 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00603 : JUVENTUS F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00604 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00605 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00606 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00607 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00608 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00609 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00610 : A.C. MILAN (Chants)
Unnamed_00611 : S.S. LAZIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00612 : S.S. LAZIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00613 : PARMA F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00614 : PARMA F.C. (Chants)
Unnamed_00615 : ACF FIORENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00616 : ACF FIORENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00617 : ACF FIORENTINA (Chants)
Unnamed_00618 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00619 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00620 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00621 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00622 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00623 : A.S. ROMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00624 : FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00625 : FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00626 : FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00627 : CELTIC FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00628 : CELTIC FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00629 : CELTIC FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00630 : CELTIC FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00631 : FC DYNAMO KYIV (Chants)
Unnamed_00632 : FC DYNAMO KYIV (Chants)
Unnamed_00633 : FC DYNAMO KYIV (Chants)
Unnamed_00634 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00635 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00636 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00637 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00638 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00639 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00640 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00641 : VASCO DA GAMA (Chants)
Unnamed_00642 : AT. MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00643 : AT. MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00644 : AT. MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00645 : AT. MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00646 : AT. MADRID (Chants)
Unnamed_00647 : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00648 : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00649 : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00650 : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00651 : OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00652 : BOLOGNA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00653 : BOLOGNA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00654 : BOLOGNA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00655 : A.C CHIEVO VERONA (Chants)
Unnamed_00656 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00657 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00658 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00659 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00660 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00661 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00662 : UDINESE CALCIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00663 : FC PORTO (Chants)
Unnamed_00664 : SPORTING (Chants)
Unnamed_00665 : REAL BETIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00666 : REAL BETIS (Chants)
Unnamed_00667 : CELTA DE VIGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00668 : CELTA DE VIGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00669 : CELTA DE VIGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00670 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00671 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00672 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00673 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00674 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00675 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00676 : REAL SOCIEDAD (Chants)
Unnamed_00677 : FENERBAHÇE SK (Chants)
Unnamed_00678 : FENERBAHÇE SK (Chants)
Unnamed_00679 : LOSC LILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00680 : LOSC LILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00681 : LOSC LILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00682 : LOSC LILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00683 : LOSC LILLE (Chants)
Unnamed_00684 : MONTPELLIER HÉRAULT SC (Chants)
Unnamed_00685 : MONTPELLIER HÉRAULT SC (Chants)
Unnamed_00686 : OGC NICE (Chants)
Unnamed_00687 : OGC NICE (Chants)
Unnamed_00688 : STADE RENNAIS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00689 : STADE RENNAIS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00690 : STADE RENNAIS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00691 : STADE RENNAIS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00692 : STADE RENNAIS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00693 : FC SOCHAUX-MONTBÉLIARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00694 : FC SOCHAUX-MONTBÉLIARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00695 : FC SOCHAUX-MONTBÉLIARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00696 : TOULOUSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00697 : TOULOUSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00698 : TOULOUSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00699 : TOULOUSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00700 : TOULOUSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00701 : U.S.C. PALERMO (Chants)
Unnamed_00702 : AZ (Chants)
Unnamed_00703 : AZ (Chants)
Unnamed_00704 : AZ (Chants)
Unnamed_00705 : AZ (Chants)
Unnamed_00706 : FC GRONINGEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00707 : SC HEERENVEEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00708 : SC HEERENVEEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00709 : SC HEERENVEEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00710 : SC HEERENVEEN (Chants)
Unnamed_00711 : NAC BREDA (Chants)
Unnamed_00712 : FC TWENTE (Chants)
Unnamed_00713 : VITESSE (Chants)
Unnamed_00714 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00715 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00716 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00717 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00718 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00719 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00720 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00721 : ATHLETIC CLUB (Chants)
Unnamed_00722 : RCD ESPANYOL (Chants)
Unnamed_00723 : RCD ESPANYOL (Chants)
Unnamed_00724 : MÁLAGA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00725 : MÁLAGA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00726 : MÁLAGA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00727 : RCD MALLORCA (Chants)
Unnamed_00728 : RCD MALLORCA (Chants)
Unnamed_00729 : RCD MALLORCA (Chants)
Unnamed_00730 : RCD MALLORCA (Chants)
Unnamed_00731 : RCD MALLORCA (Chants)
Unnamed_00732 : CA OSASUNA (Chants)
Unnamed_00733 : CA OSASUNA (Chants)
Unnamed_00734 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00735 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00736 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00737 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00738 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00739 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00740 : SEVILLA FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00741 : REAL VALLADOLID (Chants)
Unnamed_00742 : REAL VALLADOLID (Chants)
Unnamed_00743 : REAL VALLADOLID (Chants)
Unnamed_00744 : REAL VALLADOLID (Chants)
Unnamed_00745 : REAL VALLADOLID (Chants)
Unnamed_00746 : REAL ZARAGOZA (Chants)
Unnamed_00747 : REAL ZARAGOZA (Chants)
Unnamed_00748 : REAL ZARAGOZA (Chants)
Unnamed_00749 : CLUB BRUGGE KV (Chants)
Unnamed_00750 : AEK ATHENS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00751 : AEK ATHENS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00752 : CRUZEIRO (Chants)
Unnamed_00753 : CALCIO CATANIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00754 : CALCIO CATANIA (Chants)
Unnamed_00755 : GENOA CFC (Chants)
Unnamed_00756 : GENOA CFC (Chants)
Unnamed_00757 : GENOA CFC (Chants)
Unnamed_00758 : GENOA CFC (Chants)
Unnamed_00759 : GENOA CFC (Chants)
Unnamed_00760 : S.S.C. NAPOLI (Chants)
Unnamed_00761 : S.S.C. NAPOLI (Chants)
Unnamed_00762 : S.S.C. NAPOLI (Chants)
Unnamed_00763 : GETAFE CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00764 : GETAFE CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00765 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00766 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00767 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00768 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00769 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00770 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00771 : LEVANTE UD (Chants)
Unnamed_00772 : RAYO VALLECANO (Chants)
Unnamed_00773 : RAYO VALLECANO (Chants)
Unnamed_00774 : RAYO VALLECANO (Chants)
Unnamed_00775 : RAYO VALLECANO (Chants)
Unnamed_00776 : RAYO VALLECANO (Chants)
Unnamed_00777 : FC LORIENT (Chants)
Unnamed_00778 : FC LORIENT (Chants)
Unnamed_00779 : FC LORIENT (Chants)
Unnamed_00780 : AS NANCY LORRAINE (Chants)
Unnamed_00781 : AS NANCY LORRAINE (Chants)
Unnamed_00782 : AS NANCY LORRAINE (Chants)
Unnamed_00783 : AS NANCY LORRAINE (Chants)
Unnamed_00784 : AS NANCY LORRAINE (Chants)
Unnamed_00785 : AS SAINT-ETIENNE (Chants)
Unnamed_00786 : AS SAINT-ETIENNE (Chants)
Unnamed_00787 : AS SAINT-ETIENNE (Chants)
Unnamed_00788 : AS SAINT-ETIENNE (Chants)
Unnamed_00789 : AS SAINT-ETIENNE (Chants)
Unnamed_00790 : FC ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG (Chants)
Unnamed_00791 : SC CORINTHIANS (Chants)
Unnamed_00792 : SC CORINTHIANS (Chants)
Unnamed_00793 : SC CORINTHIANS (Chants)
Unnamed_00794 : SC CORINTHIANS (Chants)
Unnamed_00795 : CR FLAMENGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00796 : CR FLAMENGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00797 : CR FLAMENGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00798 : CR FLAMENGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00799 : CR FLAMENGO (Chants)
Unnamed_00800 : FLUMINENSE FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00801 : GRÊMIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00802 : GRÊMIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00803 : GRÊMIO (Chants)
Unnamed_00804 : SANTOS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00805 : SANTOS FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00806 : SÃO PAULO (Chants)
Unnamed_00807 : SÃO PAULO (Chants)
Unnamed_00808 : STADE BRESTOIS 29 (Chants)
Unnamed_00809 : VALENCIENNES FC (Chants)
Unnamed_00810 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00811 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00812 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00813 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00814 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00815 : GRANADA CF (Chants)
Unnamed_00816 : EVIAN THONON GAILLARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00817 : EVIAN THONON GAILLARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00818 : EVIAN THONON GAILLARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00819 : EVIAN THONON GAILLARD (Chants)
Unnamed_00820 : EVIAN THONON GAILLARD (Chants)


Registered User

just copy paste the quote into notepad.

BTW, I remember where I got the file, winning-eleven blog.

I have been struggling to map chants using firstly the W!ld editor and then tried with Ahmed's editor...

To no avail :-( I got hold of the a chants map which I believe Ahmed posted but after studying it I realise it is not complete it has the chants from 448-820 but anything before of after this is not on the list.

chants 1-447 are generic chants/crowd noises, you'll just have to listen to them all individually and work out what you want to replace.


Registered User
Where do I put it after I copied it into notepad?


Nowhere, it's just a guide.

Say for example you wanted to add a chant for PSG, find the PSG bin numbers (572-575), then make a chant audio file, convert it to adx, rename it to whatever you like and add _572. So it should look like this

Put that file in your kitserver/img/dt01.img folder and your done.

Use the Pes Sound File convertor 1.8 by Referee to converto wav/mp3 etc. files into adx and vice versa,

How do I do this with the Xbox 360?

All you can do is make a playlist with all your chants and put it on before the match starts,


Registered User
Thanks for the info, paddy. I thought it was just a simple copy, paste and bingo!

Still confused though, as I have absolutely no clue about making a chant audio file.


Registered User
Thanks for the info, paddy. I thought it was just a simple copy, paste and bingo!

Still confused though, as I have absolutely no clue about making a chant audio file.

My technique is to rip/record the audio from a youtube video using Goldwave audio editor, trim it, cut it etc. and save as a .wav file. Then I import it into FruityLoops and master it, adding effects, equalising etc. I'll export a finished .wav file, fire up Referee's convertor, turn it into an .adx file and drop the finished product into my kitserver. Playtest to see if it all sounds good, if not, back to step 1 or 2.

TryAudacity for a free and top quality audio editor, can live record youtube streams I believe.

You can also hit up for ready ripped chants. They may need a bit of work to make them sound alright within the game though. I've found with any file I've made, unless it's really loud you can barely hear it.


Registered User
thx paddy but unfortunatly it's not complete, does anyone know where I could find a complete version of this please

thx in advance