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Chants problem.


Registered User
Can anyone please tell me what's happened here ? I'm speaking about chants that I put into the game. They worked at first and the volume was just about where I wanted it, but on later occasions when I played the game ( after adjusting the volume up with MP3Gain ), the volume of them was almost imperceptible. "Oh well", I thought, "I'll just jack the volume up further so I CAN hear them clearly". So I used MP3Gain once more to edit the volume to be louder. Copied them into the game's teams correctly, but when playing the match(es) you can STILL hardly hear them !

Is there something wrong with the game's software, or what ? The chants play okay on my computer, but when I transfer them to the game, they aren't the same. I thought the original chants had somehow maybe become corrupted, but I don't see how they could have, because I haven't done anything different than what I usually do. All other sounds in the game are normal, it's only the chants that aren't.

Help ! :unsure:


Registered User
Probably best to adjust the volume in the game rather than using other programs. I think there is an option by when you select the file to be used for each slot.