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check this out *video*

tom pain

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Very good video. The dribbling reminded me of that photo of Garrincha thats floating around the forum somewhere (against the Irish I think).

However, what the fuck was with that music?


The dribbling was awsome. I hope it is fake, coz I'd to think that someone could be better than me. If that is real, then I'd hate to play him, coz all those tricks would frustrate me and I'd be one of those loser gamers who ends up killing who they're playing with.

I think the post bit is fake. You can see where the person has cut between shots.

Lörd TH

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if that video is real it class but it dodge's sometimes so might be edited
crossbar challenge or what


First It Giveth
Nah, my cousin can do that. Unless he is edits and is a total noob, that is real. The skips are a prime example of why I dont use windows media player.


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i donno if it is edited tho because its like a 1000000/1 that you could do one then find exactly the same place to carry it on, and i bet some people can do that with loads of practise you be able to pull it off, i can see where it jumps but thats just the player he used to do it, i pretty much think thats real, maybe hitting the crossbar could be faked but with the players nah no can be tht perfect to edit it in a perfect way.


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Nice video!!!!

But as it is in training mode I suspect he used that "play again" option, specially on the crossbar shots.
Even if that's the case it would take someone very persistant to do that...


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arsenalboy said:
Alrite Cheers.:) Do you know how to do the Robona?
walk parallel to the edge of the box (in line with the line outside the box) and shoot towards goal with rivaldo, recoba etc. (players who can do the rabona) you basically hold down or up to go parallel with the box line


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whether it's brilliant or edited... i tink we shld strongly recommend it as the new Nike advertisement.. the post hitting part reminds me of the Nike advert of Ronaldinho trying out his new golden threaded boots...