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Classic Australia/New Zealand Kits


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Hi, so just wanted to share these

a) incase anyone else wants them
b) for any pointers
c) incase I am wasting my time and people know of ones of these that are already made

Basically, I was going through pesfutebol and got every national kit from past World Cups and Euros from the 2019 OFs they have there, and decided to try and recreate classic Socceroos kits based off templates from those kits mentioned previously. As you'll be able to tell, the kitmaker of the original template will be in the top corner.

Issue a) My wife is using my normal PC for work, so I haven't had access to photoshop, so I've just been using a mixture of Krita and GIMP on Macbook for the time being to make do

This means that there are some versions of these kits that are modified versions of the actual kits, namely: 2000 and 2002 Home kits. Also, the 1996 Away kit that I made, I'm not sure actually exists, as from what I can see they only wore the yellow version, and never an away kit during that time, so I just reversed the colours, as was the norm. The main one I'm looking to try and do, but there will be no template, is the 1990 Spew kit

I may be looking at doing something similar for New Zealand too.




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Spent the morning working on some colours, and updating the older coat of arms, and finally was able to seperate the sleeves on the 2002 shirt.

Need to do the captains armband on some of them again though I just realised



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Ok, latest updates I've done: (mostly, some might need some minute final touches)
1975 Home
1975 Away
1982 Home
1982 Away
1984 Home
1984 Away
1985 Home
1985 Away
1986 Home
1986 Away
1994 Home
1994 Away
1996 Home
1996 Away
1997 Home
1998 Home
2000 Away
2000 Third
2002 Home
2002 Away
2004 Home (Never matchworn due to quick deal change from Adidas to Nike)
2004 Away (See above)
2005 Home (existing kit from another maker, just made slight adjustments)
2005 GK (see above)
2006 Home
2006 Away


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And here is the rest of the ones I listed that I had issues uploading earlier.

My next goal is to work on a second version of the 1998 Home kit, that also allows me to do the 1998 Away kit (based off a Yugoslavia 1998 Away template I have at the moment), and I will still have to do a 2000 Home Kit (As it has a different template to the Away and Third Kits), and the 2001 Kits worn during Intercontinental World Cup Qualifying.

EDIT: I also just found a better and easier template to edit for the 1996 Shirts, so I will be updating those too.

The gaps in the list that I will fill in now, are already made kits from previous users:
1992 Home and Away
1974 Home and Away (Although I have made a Navy blue version of the away kit),
2012 Home
2014 Home and Away
2016 Home and Away
2018 Home and Away (Current kits in OFs, should be replaced later this year when matches get underway after COVID-19 again)
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I have two different versions of the 1998 Kits, based off two separate templates I had
One is a Spain 1998 Kit Pack, and the other is a Yugoslavia1998 Kit pack.


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Not a classic, but have made a mock-up of what COULD be Australia's 2020-2021 Kit if/when it's released, based off USA's leaked kit.
Yes, I still need to change the backgrounds of the coat of arms on the away kits


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Weekend updates:
I completely forgot that the Socceroos wore white socks all the way until 1992, so I have rectified that in these earlier kits

More to come: Update on 2006 Home and Away, tried to make 2010 Home and Away, and a 2012 Away (modified off a version of the 2012 Home kit I found online that I had to modify to make correct). Also updated the 1996 Home and Away kits to have the correct socks.



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Also changed the colour of socks for the 2002 kit, from gold to green.

I will need to fix sleeve patches on the 2010 Away kit though



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Went to work on some NZ kits yesterday, finding base copies for:
1984 Home and Away
1986 Home and Away
1996 Home and Away
1998 Home and Away
2000 Home and Away
2002 Home and Away
2004 Home and Away
2006 Home and Away
2010 Home and Away



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Also did a slight update to 2010 Australia (moving the white/yellow bar on both kits a bit lower, and fixing the world cup sleeve patch I had on the away kit
Also got something made for the 2000-2001 Home Kit, and the 2004-05 initial home kit, that turned into a third kit for Australia



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So.. After trying to make that 2000-01 kit, I eventually found a suitable template that will be better: Real Madrid's home kit from the same season.
However, there is also an alternate version that was originally worn (before changing to the simpler design prior to the playoff with Uruguay) features the adidas stripes along the sleeve seams on the front and back that I will need to attempt as well.


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Have also now found a better template (with the right socks!) for the NZ and Australia 2010 kits, so I've now updated these as well, and changed the sock colour from the 2005 Australia GK

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So, I've made a bit of a boo-boo.

The NZ 1998 kit that I had made, I'm not actually sure if they wore it in a match (they continued to wear the 1996 kit during 1998 OFC Nations Cup), although the shirt was definitely produced, so I'm going to keep it around as a 1998 kit, just because I think it's a banger (I'm doing a similar thing with the 2004 Australia Adidas kit I have made, modelled off Greece's 2004 Euro winning kit)

In 1999, after winning the Nations Cup against Australia, they wore this in the Confederations Cup

Also, I will need to clean up the chest piping a bit, but this is an attempt at the original 2001 Kit worn by Australia during the initial stages of the OFC World Cup qualifiers
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