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Coca-Cola Championship ***Fantasy Football inside***


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Chris Brunt wouldn't be far away from the team for my money. Infact, I wouldn't mind us picking him up nin the close-season.

Darren Moore in it thhough? :huh: I've seen dead animals who are more mobile than him.
Come on blues; one point or a none win for derby tomoorow means we're up!!

Bouncebackability in action there lads!

edit-I really think there should be a clause in the promotion scheme upon which if the third place team finishes with more than a ten point advantage over 4th, then they should automatically get promoted, cuz seriously, whoever out of the top three that doesn't get promoted will have every right to fucking wanna destroy whatever shit tip of a ground/wembley that they play at if they lose in the playoffs.


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Come on you Mighty Potters!

Outside play-offs, on goals scored! Never a penalty against us though. Absolutely abysmal ref. Hendrie is an utter shit, but he's great. <3. Mad props bruv.


Mon the Barnsley, Southend and Leicester :huh:


I drink your Milkshake
A truly great day for all the football fans around the globe. Huge Leeds who once were in the Champions League semi finals don't you know, look destined for the big R. Now we don't have to go to Hull and lose just hopefully we won't win 9-0 to give Leeds a chance, if we did that I would be distraught.

Definitely Maybe

Danny Collins for Brazil
Can we unofficially turn this into the Alan Lee appreciation thread?



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I was listening to Five Live on the radio on the way back from Carra Rud and they said the pitch invasion was eight minutes after the goal. Scum scored on 88 and there were six minutes of stoppage time, and the ref blew for a Leeds corner right at the end but the fans and players thought it was for full time. So, the fans left the pitch, the players returned half an hour later and played another 57 seconds.


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I'm in a bit of a quandry with this big'un. I mean, I'd fancy us against Derby more than Blues or Blunderland. But if Derby win, it keeps the pressure on Blues to get a result against PNE.

Fuck it, we're above them [PNE] now. MON THE KUQI!

Miguel SC

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I'd like to see Sunderland back to the PL, because Keane deserves it and they have a great stadium name! :cool:

Sorry for Leeds though, they were a great team a few years ago and now, they were relegated to League One....It's sad!