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Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players


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[Shabadoo];1681408 said:
Anyone got a suggestion for Hamsik?

From some pics i've seen, Macheda's hair (man u) could look ok, not seen him recetly but i'm sure he'll play against liverpool tommorow

hamsik looks good as default in game
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PATO(Milan) is hair SUBASIC (Croatia-Croacia):D

that hair looks good pro that SUBASIC (Croatia) is very similar to PATO
or also medium / wavy / 23 / 4-2-1

VARGAS (Fiorentina) is hair is TIAGO (Atletico de Madrid) face is EVER BANEGA ( Valencia) face does not convince me much but it seems a bit

G. DOS SANTOS (Tottenham) is hair TIAGO (Atletico de Madrid)


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David Bentley's hair??

Mvila hair are also good for Momo Sissoko
Alan Hutton (Obertan's Hair)
Tim Howard (Ahorlou's hair -GHANA-)
Curtis Davies (Ashley Young's hair)
Materazzi (Gamberini's hair)
Marc Albrighton (Santon's hair)
Ljajic (De Ceglie's hair)
Krasic (Radoslav Kovac's hair)
Pepe (Cannavaro's hair)


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What do you guys think of karembeu, doesn't he look a lot like maicon, only without hair???

I'm especially interested in the classic players, the ones you have here do look really great:)
Maybe you could look into a more classic players and maybe the laudrups/schmeichel???(a)


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for Simao, Macheda hair
i'm looking for saha

thanks m8...and what about martin cáceres pony tail... I've found a similar one for him = TULIO (JAPAN NATIONAL TEAM) but it's not really what i want... if someone could help i will appreciate.- :rolleyes: