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The voting for the GOTM March/April has now begun

Thanks to all the users that contributed their goals for this competition

1st prize : £50 gift voucher from the winners favourite on-line retailer
2nd prize : A copy of the Official PES6 Guide -

The voting has now begun and will continue for 6 days

6 finalists (in alphabetical order)


Keep your voting above board

Paul Scholes - submitted by Aaronarid


Aguero - submitted by Petrit


Kewell - submitted by redstripe185


Socrates - submitted by Feanor


Murphy - submitted by uncleXXXmas


Carr - submitted by notoriousbmc


Good luck to the winners!

Paul B

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Toss up between Scholes and Socrates for me.

Am yet to decide.

Well done to all the finalists.
SOcrates; purely because I have never scored a bicyclye kick from that far out(scored an open goal one with dyer against barndoor before but that's it)

No offence, but the fact that I have scored goals very much like the others means the rest just didn't excite me or put me in awe at all.


The poll options do not match the order of the videos, which could easily confuse some people.

Socrates for me.
My favourite is mine (unsuprisingly). Mainly because the move started with a goal kick, and the ball was airborn from the pass from Gary Neville, in his own half, until it hits the back of the net.

However, I must admit that Feanors overhead kick with Socrates is hugely impressive, and I think it'll probably win.

If I were to pick from the rest of the bunch, I'd be hard pressed to choose between Feanors effort and UncleXXXmas' Murphy strike. I like the way the Murphy strike manages to beat the keeper at his near post.

Anyways, good luck to all involved.


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i like mine because its scored by a player with lesser ability, mind you my rabona has been viewed 1400+ times and didnt make top 6??
oh wel "cest la vie"


I love that Carr volley. I feel I should vote Socrates because that is such a tough skill, but Carr's volley is too sexy to resist.


Alive in the superunknown
I'm not a fan of overhead kicks, they just never seem very realistic and rarely happen in real football. Scholes all the way!


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Overheads happen more often than you think in real football. Hell, even Materazzi has scored one this year. :)

I've scored 11 overheads so far in the game, and the Socrates one is still the only one that's gone in from outside the box.


Alive in the superunknown
My thought and honest oppinion is that if you want to do flashy overhead kicks, buy fifa. I prefer to play pure laddish pass and shoot footy!

But hey like I said to your thread - I appreciate how hard they are to pull off and you've done well, just not my favourite style of goal ;) well played...


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The goal scored by Kewell gets my vote. Brilliant volley, made even more impressive by it being on the Aussie's weak foot.


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Had some thoughts about Carr's goal but went for Kewell's. Beautifully taken powerful volley from around 30+ yards.