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Cristiano ronaldo


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deco 05 said:
You can post your views of Cristiano ronaldo.

Talented but does tricks when he doesnt need to.

Bit much that hes been here for well over a year and still cant do an interview in English.

Probably gay !

tom pain

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I think he's a great player with so much ability and potential. Give him a while to mature and we will have a world-class player on our hands.

tom pain

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Peru Lou said:
and/or wasn't Brazilian would anyone care this much?

Am I mistaken/confused in thinking this guy believes Cristiano is Brazilian?

Peru Lou

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tom pain said:
Am I mistaken/confused in thinking this guy believes Cristiano is Brazilian?
You are right I am confused, for some reason i was thinking of that guy from Brazil (Ronaldihno). My mistake.


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I Saw Ronaldo Years Ago For Portugal Under 18s He Was Ace. He Really Has Cut Down On The Tricks These Days. He Used To Take On The Whole Opposition And Rag Them. Some Of The Tricks He Does Are Amazing. Manu Are Lucky To Have Him, They Faced Stiff Competition From A Lot Of Big Clubs In Europe. He Is One Of The Most Exciting Players In Europe-no Doubt!!!!!


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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best young footballers around at the moment and has the potential to be one of the best United/Portugal players in history. He is amazingly skillful and he is amazing to watch (especially live at OT) :-D.

He's still young and has alot too learn but as he matures and improves little areas in his game (crossing, finishing better and only doing skills when necessary) then he can become a world class player. LOL yeah he does need to learn a bit of English as well!


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hey lads, I gave ronaldo 95 for agility, and *anti-dribble as well... my mate says that's too much. what dya think?