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Croatia EURO 2020 (Concept Kits) & Optional Export File

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Croatia Euro 2020 Concept Kits (Home & Away) by matric96


Long Sleeves don't workout fine as I've had issues trying to link up smoothly while editing. Apologies if this ruins the experience for you.

I've attached the Export File for it to be pre-configured if you like. However, I do not recommend to use if you do not want to ruin the squad's attributes or appearance (only appearance is altered to those who don't have a "licensed face" and have been altered to look less weird...)

Link to file:

To those who are ok with setting the kits up manually, you'll need to do the following;

Follow the details below to alter for both Home & Away Kits. The only difference is the colour of the Name & Numbers.

For the Home Kit; Use the Colour Blue (From Left side; Column 8, Row 5) Name & Number (Chest, Back, Shorts)

For the Away Kit; All colours are White for Name & Number (Chest, Back, Shorts).

Shirt Style: 7
Name Printing:
Position: +37
Zoom: +0
Font Type: 5
Arch: Type 1
Number Printing:
Position: +15
Zoom: +8
Font Type: 5
Chest Number:
Vertical Position: +27
Horizontal Position: +14
Zoom: 0
Shorts Number:
Vertical Position: +10
Horizontal Position: +20
Zoom: +2