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Current Best Keeper?

Best Keeper in the World Currently?

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Keyser Soze

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I personally wouldn't say Cech's any better at commanding the defence, he may be slightly better coming for crosses but I feel Buffon's positioning and significantly better distribution edge him out. As I said before, if I had to choose it would be Buffon but Cech is also a wonderful keeper.
His distribution is significantly better, I agree on that. It is so close that it would be stupid to say someone is far better either way.

Hmmm... I think he should have left some time ago, he's far too good to be playing second fiddle to even Petr Cech. A great waste.
The fact that he hasn't even got a cap to his name for Italy is a testament to the quality of keepers they have had over the years.


The fact that he hasn't even got a cap to his name for Italy is a testament to the quality of keepers they have had over the years.

Aye, competing with Buffon, Toldo, Peruzzi and the like is going to cause you problems especially if you don't get to play regularly for your club!


Sin City
Original? said:
What a ridiculous statement. Cech has who in front of him? Terry, Carvalho, Alex, A.Cole etc. Also to dispell an misconception Buffon is twenty-nine, Casillas is twenty-six and Cech is twenty-five. It's hardly a 'huge' difference, the difference comes from the fact Buffon has been playing top flight football since he was seventeen, as has Casillas. Cech didn't get to one of the big leagues until he was twenty-two.

Cech makes a number of saves a lot harder than they should be, he relies on his reflexes and height to make a lot of saves. If he improved his positioning he's save even more shots, often his positioning is slightly amiss. Currently that's ok as his reflexes and reach can compensate, when he's older and his reflexes begin to fade he'll struggle more.

When all is said and done all three are fantastic goalkeepers, but if I went for one it would certainly be Buffon.

Quoted in agreement. Gianluigi Buffon, in my opinion.


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Petr Cech.

Shay Given as well, but he is getting seasoned as with Buffon.

EDIT: This I believe.
Given's been awful this season, not been the same since Marlon Harewood decided to rip out half of his stomach for him. :realmad:


Don't mind him, he clearly hasn't seen him between the posts. :smug:


On topic:

I totally agree with Original?'s comments on Cech. ;)