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D5 Cup coach mode (13.50)


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Right now i am in shock. Have batteld away in a d5 coach cup, made it to the last 16 for the 1st time. won my last 16 match 2- nil. it goes to the tournament menu, saying i have 18 mins until my QF game. so i decide to do a few contracts for my boys.
After i do this, i go back to competition, and there is no sign of my tourney!!! its gone, vanished, thanks for coming!!!

What the hell is going on?


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The time is kind of laggy. Once everyone finishes their matches for the round it says like 15-20 minutes of wait, but after like 1 minute it changes to 2-3 minutes tops.

Also no need to sign contracts on best 16 and above, they play for "free"

also another weird thing is that for some reason 2nd place doesn't get the 5m bonus they should get. Happened twice already on d4 cup.


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The 5m bonus or any bonus when in last 16 you get it match by match. That is, after you played 4 matches until the final if you add the bonuses every game its 5 mil.


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Once the qualifying round is over the competition gets removed from the competition list as far as I know. Next time make sure you renew all the contracts before you reach the final stages... And stop playing coach mode :p