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Daymos & OPE Elite PES2012 Option File Xbox360


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Coming soon

I was lucky to get the game already and the editing side of things is looking great..

full details can be found here:

These pics are of the kits created in PES2011 but ive now imported them all into PES 2012.

My file will have npower and bundesliga at launch:)

Daymos OPE Beta OF


Aston Villa





Yes Michael, I know its GOLD lol



Man City








West Brom




This is shaping up very well bro. Excellent work.

I'll make a donation for sure once I get my hands on the game and get the OF downloaded.



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Really looking forward to this. Looking great Daymos!

Just one quick question, I like to play Serie A - can you release an option file without the editions (see what I did there? :p ) to the D2?

edu madrid

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Good news Daymos

As I said before I checked the option to import and export teams including players, uniforms, logos etc... it works so good!!!

So if you need my help to create Bundesliga players, accessories, formations and lin-up tell me... if you will do everything alone please use "Bundesliga Creation Thread" because it is the best font of information to Billd Bundesliga.... again if you need my help tell me... I'm happy to see the portuguese league in the game :) and in the pictures from your next save...

See you man!!!


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I don't know if you are going to update the Copa Libertadores teams but if you want I can help you to update Nacional and also Peñarol (with what I know).

Good luck with the OF.


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i have game and I cant wait to play with these kits...a tutorial for 360 option file and chants would be great too since this is my first pes game lol


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absolutely fantastic information
Somebody knows when will the first downloadable OF will be realased?
Fantastic job Daymos
As always, my arsenal starts to play better in those clothes. Perhaps you should design a dress for the team in real live, maybe by then they will played better:)


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Yeah! So good that Bundesliga is in at the start :) thanks Daymos, much appreciated! Hope the first version will be out soon ^^


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Hey Daymos,

I hope it would be possible to add Anderlecht like in pes2011 because in the version pes 2012 they are not present.



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are you guys going to update the national teams and jerseys?? could u please put in the right bosnia herzegovina jersey?? and what all do i need to instal this patch for my 360 last pes i played was 5 and it was my favorite


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Dear Daymos, i'm very happy to see that your work is improving day by day. I'll be very pleased to have the oportunitie to play your option file.

Thank's a lot for all your work and congratulations for your's amazing's Of's!

Just wating with patience to the release day.



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heres an option file update

I've only had about 5 games on PES2012 and loved every minute of it.

Ive been editing like a trooper and the npower championship will be avaliable at launch with any tweaks to come out weeks later.

At the moment, the Premiership and npower championship clubs are all finished and this week Ive already started the portuguise teams and hope to finish before wed/ thursday so I can do the bundesliga kits.

(All players are created)

I've not done all transfers yet but as there is a patch coming on launch day I will leave that last.

This file will be avaliavle to all but those kind few who have ordereed a USB will recieve easy updates to put on your usb when the updates come out for everyone else.

There will probably be updates until I stop making them march/ april next year in time for the Euros wth updates international squads. (dont worry there wont be loads and you may not feel the need to update anyway if your already happy with the game)

Later updates may focus on faces, more internationals and remove any duplicates that may appear after the konami updates.


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now daymos are you having naional teams updated?? and when i order from you you send the usb as well?? to the states?


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Hey hows it going,

you can download the file free but if you choose to order a pre made USB, id gladly post to you in the States :)