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Demo Is Here!!


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Yea same for me it was on 23% and then left if for ages, came back and it was on 29%. Its prob cus loads of peops are downloading it >.<


Woo Woo Woo
Fuck this for a lark. 50% after four hours! :shocking: I'll finish downloading later tonight.

Is it a full match or just one half?

Cellini 16

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Aye Commercial St in Dundee, yous lot get trains up here, bring your ps2s we'll get bevvied up on the night and you'll go home with a 360, a hangover and a still change for a packet of overpriced train crisps.
I've just rung them and told them the url for this thread, they're working with the forum owner to bring you to justice!

only joking mate, nice one!


Aye actually good point Dan.

Can anybody tell us if its a full match or just 45 mins please???


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Since someone asked, you can play full 5 min matches, exhibition only, not just 1 half like Fifa ;) only took me 1 hour to download, I must have got it at a quiet time.


Is it easy to set up Live and is silver free, i dont have it at the moment but i think its about time i did


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I am in the US and last year there was a way to create a UK Xbox live account , for a 1 month free trial, for the life of me I can't remeber how to do it again, I know it has something to do with changing some settings to europe etc. , can anyone tell me step by step instructions, thanks so ver appreciative

create a new msn account with and find a uk postcode.then go to create new account and put all the info in as if your from uk and it should work,ive done it with an american account and it may be a lot slower to download thouh.


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I sent my 360 off today cant believe it broke just before Demo came out! Ah well, I'll download it on PS3 this coming Thursday.

Chuck Morris

aka BlueScouse
What a cunt! Been downloading the demo today after i got back from work (took 3 hours to do 50%!) then i turned it off for a while. Threw it back on and it's gone down to 30%....Arrghhh!

Ridiculous the amount of time it takes to download demos off tat bastard marketplace. Dying to play it aswell.

Gonna leave it to finish over night so it's all set to go in the morning.