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Differences between PC and consoles...


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As many people on here I am divided between sticking with PES and moving over to the dark side of FIFA.
I will probably only buy one of the games and have played both demos. My question is about the differences between playing these games on the PC and on the Xbox\PS3. I am borrowing FIFA from a friend for a few days for the PC and wanted to know how much different both PES and FIFA are on the PC compared to the 360\PS3, as when I have made me decision I will be buying it for the 360. I have heard that PES doesn't have many differences, but that FIFA is not the same game on the PC as the consoles. Can any light be shed on this? Thanks!


On PC, don't bother with FIFA as EA do no work on it at all. Don't even test it, it is that bad. They've been ignoring the platform for at least two-and-a-half years now. Pro Evo on PC is up to the standard of its console counterparts.

If you're on PS3/360, then you've got a choice to make.


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ok dude . Look !

***PES in P.C = Best version for Soccer ( The most dominant version compare to any soccer game out there . You can do absolutely anything in P.C version , from changing a totally new stadium , players' face, fully official kits, new boots , new types of ball , new backgrounds , new menus for PES . These are called Patches which you can only do in P.C Version ) I already pre-order mine , so you guys need to get one too if you haven't bought it yet .)

***Pes in PS3/XBOX360 also same as P.C except you can't edit the component of the game such as changing a new stadium , new type of ball , new type of boot, add more thing to official kit in the game since it is a DISC . Nevertheless , u can have option files which change most of the team to official kits or change little bit in boot color or design . That 's about it .You can Download option files from or here

Fifa = P.C ( DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK AT P.C Version IN FIFA ) since it is really bad . EASPORT doesn't focus much on FIFA P.C Version. So don't buy it /

FIFA XBOX 360/PS3 = Stunning game this year 2010 , and also EASport always focus on PS3/XBOX360. Buy it u are a fan of FIFA, and buy it in the future .

For me , I always buy Winning Eleven/Pes since I am a hard-cord fan for Konami/Pes.

To conclude , go head and buy Pes 2010 in P.C as well as XBOX360 as u state u have an XBOX360.
For FIFA , go buy a console version XBOX360/PS3 which is both fine .


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FIFA2010 on PC is nothing much more than a data disc of FIFA07. The odd additions to gameplay and graphics but a pale shadow of the console versions.

If I had a console I'd get FIFA for that and PES for PC.


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Thanks for the info guys! I can see it's not going to be an easy choice! Although PES on the PC instead of the 360 is tempting cos of the updates...


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PES has always Better graphics and gameplay on PC than any other console ... plus you have the most amazing options files , pathes on pc that u cant find on console. graphcis is sharper and so many graphics patches available.. gameplay is smoother as the framerate is much better on PC .

But Fifa on PC is 600 times worse than fifa on console. fifa on mobile is better than fifa on PC.


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editing was the main reason i sold my xbox and thougt id get a graphics card for my for my pc rather than just getting a pretty much similar console like ps3

whats the online comunity like on the pc ? having got rid of my xbox
,and lets be honest xbox live is the shit .except for the fees..
hopefully lobbys are filled so not waiting about for a game ..
could someone shed some light on how easy and quick it is to get a game on the pc online??