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Duberry's XBox Live Challenge

The Dubes

Challenge Dubes

Right I'm bored, so I challenge any of your white boys to a 1 on 1 dual on xbox live (Yes, I am talking about PES)

I haven't played for ages but I could still take all you bitches.

I await a challenger...

The Dubes

I'm opening up the challenge again as there was no one brave enough last night...

Any of you up for a game?


Registered User
If it was for the PC platform, you may have tempted me out of retirement. Sorry don't do Xblock.

Sheva ACE 7

Registered User

When the Xbox 360 comes out in November I shall show you all online how to play Pro Evo!!!lol. I would probably be rubbish compared to you lot especially as I'm used to playing it on the PS2.


Registered User
My headset is broke, but Im sure im on monday. Ill post here if there is enough time on my hands.

The Dubes

Ahhh, looks like another no-show. Just a day in the life of Dubes. Another 2-0 default win.

Victims so far -


Bring on a challenger who dares step onto the pitch with me.

Dubes - Still unbeaten.