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Easy BAL mode


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So I just found a really easy way to make Legend mode much easier and alot more fun without all the grinding for stat points just to get a OVR 75 player.

Create an edited player and set the face, age, stats etc to your preference for a young player. If you want it super easy just give them loads of stats, if you want a half decent young player just give them enough to play decent.

Now go to transfers and select your prefered team. Register the edit player with the team. And now if you start BAL mode and chose the "start with existing player" option, you can now select this edited player as your legend player.

Congrats you just bypassed the need to grind stats or a BAL save editor. Enjoy!


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Doesn't that completely miss the point of the "Become a Legend" mode though?

It all depends on how you view it and play it. Normally its a complete pita and your starting stats are pathetic for some critical areas. Sure you get more stat points over time, but your player will never be "world class" like Messi or Ronaldo.

If you add some basic stats to a young player and develop them, you can become great and not just good. Of course if someone adds 99 to everything there isnt much point in the mode. Though I personaly only did a few extra points (less than 10) in match critical stats (tenacity/body balance for example).

My original BAL player who I had slogged for 4 seasons with was critically in need of body balance and tenacity as every game saw him "pinwheeling" or falling over in every tackle due to lack of balance and when tired it became near impossible to pass properly due to lack of tenacity. My OVR at 21 went from 82 to 84, not much of a change stat wise, but in gameplay terms my player can now compete on level terms with other players in tackles. And with the extra tenacity Im much more likely to remain competative even when tired.

So its down to the player. If you create an edit and make it "decent" for a youngster and dont go totally overboard, its not much different from last years "re-rolling" without the hastle involved.

Plus using this method, you can then register your legend as each Konami data pack and patch comes in. Then restart the mode with that same player and not lose on your progress, yet still have all the new data in the mode.

So its win/win.


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I usually quite enjoy my team and or player being crap at first though, it makes anything you achieve during that time all the sweeter and it also makes the later stages of your career more enjoyable as you feel you've worked your way up to it.

I see what you're saying but fiddling with the stats in BAL or ML to make things easier isn't for me really.

Each to their own though!


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If you do that, you won't be able to edit the player's appareance, not even the boots.

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