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edgar 12 v2.0 Full Bundesliga/PSD

edgar 12

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Well after weeks and weeks edition I bring here the great update. First of all, I hope to know thank and appreciate the work I did, because I took too long and somewhat arduous, tedious work, all this without gaining anything in return. I could easily have decided to stay with this OF to myself from the beginning, but I decided to share it with you.

Now what the OF ...

It contains?

Obviously the same as v1.0 more:

- All clubs with the stats changed, all PSD (except clubs Copa Libertadores)

- All transfers in the Bundesliga made ​​daily.

- Added missing players in some teams.

- Made the transfers that have forgotten KONAMI are few but important (eg out of Sevilla Luis Fabiano, Adriano out of Rome, etc. ..)

- Added over 100 new faces of key players in each league.

- Lineups date for all teams in the Bundesliga, as well as their playing styles custom.

And here..

The link:

(its only the edit.bin you need to overwrite the other)

And if you dont have my v1.0 here is the link:

(You need that for the kits, emblems and stadiums)

And i repeat the same:

Finally made ​​it clear that I do not want anyone to use based on my OF, as well as I do not want anyone to use any of my work. Be original and do their own thing. Please do not mess with my work and have some respect. Specialy here, all knows that i have a lot of troubles with some people who try to steal works of others


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Edgar, first, thanks for your great works, but somehow that megaupload wasn't work for me at my place :(, could you put the files at Rapidshare or mediafire? Thanks a lot. :laugh:

And the OF contain the latest DLC 7.0?


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first of all, thanks for your hard work!!!!
I download this file now and enjoy your fantastic work!
Big THX on you guys...


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no mate sorry, its only the edit.bin

What's the latest DLC then? 2.0?

And who could help to put edgar's file to other host site for download, I couldn't download the files from megaupload or fileserve, need help please !:no:


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Thank you Edgar for sharing your work, I'll give it a try.

Does your file contain the classic teams' (eg. Brasil, France etc.) correct player names? How about the classic players' name, the players who can be bought in PES shop?
One last... can I find Ronaldinho in your OF?



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I now have the old with the new edit.bin Edit.bin overwritten!
but when I start the game will now be available as the the edited data have failed!
Is this normal or did I do something wrong??


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Many Many Thanks for your hard work.
And guys don't ask so muchquestions without reading the description and loading the of for yourself :).


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Many Many Thanks for your hard work.
And guys don't ask so much silly questions without reading the description and loading the of for yourself :).


Sin City
Edgar, this is the greatest file for PES 2011 by far. Thanks a lot for the great hard work, it's absolutely appreciated. :)

Edit: However I also get the 'edit data has failed load' error message.


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Hello. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in on the original and now updated version of your option file. I have enjoyed V.1 for the past few months, you did a fantastic job with it.

Unfortunately I have a similar problem to another poster in that I have tried to copy/replace the original edit.bin file with the new one and have gotten a message saying "[Edit Data] Loading Failed". I have tried downloading and then applying the new file again and have gotten the same message. So, I'd like to ask if anyone has gotten the new file to work and if so, how. Like I mentioned above, I understand how the process of applying option files works and have successfully done so, so I am not asking for general instructions, just an answer regarding this specific new edit file.

Thank you.


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Unfortunately, I have the same problem, but I will give it another try from the scratch.

Update: get the error every way possible

edgar 12

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All you have the DLCs and the update?

2.0 and 1.7??

PS. Im busy now but in a while ill be cheking this edit.bin and if this link doesnt work i upload a new one.


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I tried it with the newest Konami Data Package 7.00 and PES Vers 1.2 and also only with Data Package 2.00

With 2.00 Data I got the error "Edited Data is newer" and with 7.00 I got the error "Edited Data Loading Error".