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Efootball 2022 review

Fred Flinsto

New Member
Been a fan of PES since the very beginning even in the day of International Superstar Soccer Pro this new game version of PES or Efootball is a massive dissapoinment and a big backward step to what make PES great.

The negatives are so many that is hard to state where to begin, but here we go it's all about opinions.

The gameplay feels heavy and clunky, there are so may glitches, like passing to a player and he runs the opposite direction, players slide across the pitch and it just feels slow and unresponsive.

The ball physics feel strange when playing even though shooting feels fine the passing feels off often too heavy and the players do strange things which are due to the glitches as mentioned before.

The controls feel a like a copy of Fifa where R2 becomes dash why change from R1? I know you can change this in the menu but it feels like changes have been enforced why change those controls when you have had them for so long? X for pass, O for Cross, Square for shoot still there should have kept those controls.

The graphics are very disappointing considering the hype over the new "Photo Realism" in fact they look the same as PES 2021, The pitch look like a green carpet and looks flat and unreal, just watch the replays and see it. The players faces look identical to PES 2021 without any improvement what so ever even on the PS5!. The crowd looks really bad if you look in those replays even on consoles an embarrassment does not do it justice, squashed faces looks like a PS1 game like "cardboard cut outs" from a magazine.
The limited features are a nightmare to say the least. Master League, MyClub and even Become a Legend modes should have come in from the start not later date as a DLC (if there any or similar, again limited features). As far as I remember every PES game had this from the start I know Efootball is a new game but still the lack of features, teams, players and options are nowhere to be seen at launch we already had a demo a while back under the "Performance Test" before this and this should have been all added as one package. Why wait until November (next planned major update) it should have cone out on release and then patched at future dates.
Even the days of PES on PS2 or even PS1 had more feature than this on release. No Edit mode for one also not added as of yet, another DLC? Not even a Training option to get you use to the new controls or elements of the game so you can get started just a trailer clip.
The menu interface is an improvement but the colour scheme is a eyesore both on game launch and in game, the tactic screen is so limited as of PES 2021 where you can change multiple settings here you are so restricted what you can do, no man marking option, no options on how high or low line for your defence to be ,no auto sub option to name all but a few. Just five options from Possession to Counter Attack in the Tactic screen. 5 minute matches only? Any new diverse options? No. Same commentary again and again, nothing new.

Online matches are still laggy at times although playable with the lag and glitches in game pace of the game slows to a crawl at times even on a 5 bar connection. Players delay too often and it becomes unresponsive.

Positives cut scenes are a nice inclusion but come stale and the menus are an improvement but that's about it
It is like playing a mobile game.