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Email to Konami


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My friend sent this email to Konami

You must get thousands and thousands of emails so i'm not expecting you to read this let alone reply but please understand that this isn't aimed at any one person but at the team(s) who make certain decisions collectively, as a unit

Let start by saying how much I love Pro Evolution Soccer, it is a great game in its own right and I will always be forever loyal to it, no matter what.

I have enjoyed each installment of it and I think that PES 2013 is pretty much spot on in terms of gameplay, I can't think of anything that I would personally change in that regard so kudos to you for creating such a masterpiece and something which is as close to the real thing as possible.

However, there are a few things (mainly in regards to online play) which have left both myself, friends and other peers slightly miffed and frustrated.

The main one being the removal of 2vs2 or 2vs1 games where by you would control the whole team and not just a single player a la become a legend style. Become a legend is a great idea in its own right and is something that was enjoyable to play in years gone either by yourself or with friends online as a 2, 3 or 4 some and it should still be an online mode as it was in the last couple of years.

I just find it very strange that 2vs2's are now affairs by which you control just a single player in the team, surely if this is something we wanted to do then we would chose to play the become a legend mode and either pick our own created player or pick one of the professionals?

I would have thought that as in previous years the match lobbies would serve to enable us to either compete in friendly or ranked 1v1 matches as well as friendly (or even ranked) 2vs2 matches, as was the case in past games but with the addition of up to 8 players in one room (which is what I was led to believe was the case but again, the only mode you can do up to 8 people in 1 room is with the control of a single player and against other communities)

This causes a problem for me and the 3 friends I regularly play online with as if there are just 3 of us then there is always someone sitting out.

Furthermore the new community mode (and online in general) is a bit of a mess and isn't as user friendly as in previous years, there is no central hub for online with all the different modes set out in the main online menu which makes access much easier and also enables you to select a mode at your own liberty rather than trying to work out what does what as is the current situation

It also baffles me that you can't even edit the match settings for whichever mode you do decide to play in the same way you can in the friendly match lobby, why is this?

Also, why is there no offline community mode?

Lastly, this isn't a major issue but it is still something which surely did not need to be eradicated from the game not to mention the fact that it was quite a fun feature but why have the in game messages been removed when you score a goal or commit a foul etc? As I said, this isn't a major issue but it was a fun thing to have and I can't see the logic in removing it?

Sorry about all the complaining but I am very passionate about PES and it upsets me that it isn't providing the full and rounded experience as it should do and has done in previous years. The gameplay itself is almost perfect but all the other features (particularly online) or lack of them brings it down which is a real shame as I truly believe if you had stuck to the tried and tested formula of years gone by (sure, a revamp is always good but not a complete overhaul) coupled with the new gameplay style then you would have had an almost perfect game.

Some sort of patch to fix all of, or even just some, of the above would be amazing and would seriously rejuvenate a massively let down loyal following of the PES series. Having trawled through various forums, facebook, twitter and speaking with friends, I am not alone in these views and it is the general consensus of people that these issues are also something that they too, are not happy with.

Also, I just thought id mention that after a LOT of persuading, I have managed to get various other people who usually buy FIFA every year to buy PES and although they quite like the game itself they are asking why some of these features aren't in the game, its actually quite embarrassing for me as I was the one who got them to part with their money and they aren't completely happy with it.

One more thing, im not sure whether you are aware of this or not but EA/FIFA have had a LOT of problems with their servers which has left a lot of FIFA fans unhappy meaning that you COULD have actually capitalised by offering them the full online experience that we all crave.

Once again, apologies for the bitching and moaning but I am sending you this email as a gesture of good will if not for myself and my fellow peers then for yourselves.

I don't expect a reply but if you did then that would mean the world to me, even if it was just to explain the removal or non addition of the above mentioned features.

Thank you for your time

All the best and good luck