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Who should be the next England manager?

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He made at least two saves against Iceland so...? :erm:
It might have been before the game, you're right. but before the game he didn't have 4 goals conceded.... Not sure where that came from.

Anyway, I went to WhoScored and this came up:

- vs Russia: 2 shots on target, Rose blocked one, the other went in. Saves so far = 0. link

- vs Wales: 2 shots on target, Cahill blocked one, the other went in (mistake leading to goal). Saves so far = 0. link

- vs Slovakia: 2 shots on target, both saved by Hart. Saves so far = 2 in 4 non-blocked shots. link

- vs Iceland: 5 shots on target, 2 went in (one of them a mistake leading to goal), 3 saves by Joe Hart. Saves so far = 5 in 9 non-blocked shots. link

So yeah, it's not 4 out of 5, but 4 out of 9.


I don't usually like to bash you, but after this incredible 2-2 loss you kinda earned the right to be made fun of. No matter what, always England. Snatching the drama from the jaws of victory. Incredible, really.