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F.Totti89 Real PES Superpatch v2


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Please note i am not the author of this patch. I am only sharing it on behalf of F.Totti89.

For donation, visit and PM F.Totti89 himself for more information.

*Google translate*
Market the finished version of my new patch coming! Despite what I said before, I quietly continued to update my version of the game, and again I decided to share with you the fruits of my labor.


-90% National (Kits, Fonts, Numbers), the National Missing for the few that were not enough slots in Dt0c
- 100% English Premier League (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Series A (Fixed Many Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Eredivisie (Fixes shirts without a sponsor)
- 100% Liga BBVA (Kits, Fonts, Numbers)
- 100% Bundesliga (Kits, Fonts, Numbers, Players)
- Put all links of the European team without a sponsor
- Added patches on their shirts Real for all competitions
- New Music
- New Cori
- Place Around 500 faces, and updated many hair
- New Gloves
- Replay for all competitions
- Exact Logos for all teams and competitions
- New Uniforms for Referees
- New Tunnel Logos
- Add New Sponsor In Royal Master League
- Added White Eyes For Players
- New Boots In 2011 Previews, Previews and 3D
- New Balls With Previews
- New Database Updated 02/02/2011
- Official Scoreboard SKY SPORTS HD (Thanks to Starvin)
- New Billboards (Thanks to Starvin)
- New networks for Stadiums
- New turf
- Icons formations T
- New Ability Cards Real Players
- Place the flaws in the Country of players in Bundesliga
- And much more ...

For the proper functioning of the patch must be applied all its parts, delete your old option file and delete all traces of any installed updates Konami. My patch is not compatible with those updates!

Torrent Link:

Thank you.


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Patch looks good dudee

i cant seem to find the file : dt05_i

will that affect if i leave it out or can you send it me by ne chance


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Doesnt work mate tried 3 diffrent dvd-dl burnt it correct but doesnt move from the start screen :-(


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i've not tried the patch yet (as im still downloading it), but have you deleted all Konami's DLCs?

Also, did you patch your iso while still seeding the torrent? Because i have past experience where by patch will not apply correctly if it is being interfered by another program.

So yes, make sure you dont have anything interfering with the files while doing the patching.


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cheers for the replyy

i previously downloaded the v1 of Totti's patch and that worked perfectly fine
its just this one i want to know if any body else is having the same problum. i turned my pc off and on b4 patching the game so i dont think its that :-(

its the same problum u had with it loading ok just a blank screen with a disc spinning at the bottom

and yes i deleted all the DLC


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Just burned my copy awhile ago, and it work just fine.

However, i did not apply dt02(hate the music) and dt05_i(not an italian copy).

So to be honest, im not too sure what went wrong for you.

On a side note, i'll like to suggest you guys not to apply dt_07(ad banners) because in quite a few stadiums, the adboards are messed up(same situation as bollox's patch).

Also, quite a few transfers are not done. For example:

-sidwell, gudjohnson, gary neville, jo, david bently, james beatti, wayne bridge, mukon and more are still in their previous clubs.

not sure about other leagues thought, as im more familiar with the BLP mostly.


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the faces added are facescans or face builds? i want to know because bolloxmasta's patch is missing A LOT of faces like Vermaelen???



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hey i downloaded the patch but i dont kknow how to insert onto xbox, do you use USB Xtaf?, please reply