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Face scans in pes 2008: the funny edition


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Morgan Freeman


Russel Crowe





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I would also like the idea of creating a "Classic England" or "Classic Holland" team with all the face scans of what the former players look like at this moment (excl. the ones that are no longer alive). It would be a hilarious classic team to have only grey old men running around the pitch ;-)


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Thanks for the positive replies!
Any suggestions for other characters, let me know.

Do a whole Superhero team - that would be awesome!!

GK Mr Fantastic
DF Colossus
DF Hulk
DF Thing
DF Thor

CMF Wolverine
CMF Sabretooth
CMF Cyclops
CMF Iceman

SS Batman
CF Apocalypse

Whaddaya think?


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The Dictator XI

Shouldn't Hitler be right-wing? :unsure:

Good idea, Phatmann... who's up for scanning a team of dictators... the "Dr. Evil XI"

And then you've gotta have Stalin on the left wing... with Mussolini at right back, and Mao at left back. Perhaps Franco at sweeper...


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Best thread i have seen in god knows how long, great job everyone, especially you Boondock!!

I was wondering, is there anyway for someon to get these face scans? Like make these custom characters into a face pack that could be put up here on the site so people could get all these cool faces? Don't know what format they use or if this is possible, but i would love to play with the Hulk and Crybaby side by side!

Keep up the great work guys!


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Ive got some wicked ideas how about a team of the aliens from the movie mars attacks!!!! Hank for king of the hill would b cool, also Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson from Fear and Loathing aswell as his attorney benfico del toro


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Also on the PS3 version of the game is the there a way to import facescans straight from pc. using either usb stick or psp? i have a kodak digi cam but it doesnt work with ps3. any help much appreciated.