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[Faces] Base Copy Players


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Whenever I base copy a player I can't change the boots. They change in the menus but visually stay the same as they were when I base copied. Is there any work around for this?
Practically it is a bug when you default accessories section, especially and only about Boots.

It creates the situation you describe.

What i do myself,and what i suggest is, avoid to default ONLY the accessories section, and just edit them by hand.

I know it adds time consuming, but it keeps you safe from becoming some boots "unavailable".

And of course KONAMI would never,ever,ever fix such a kind of bug, i would not even give an 1/1,000,000 chances that they would care to fix such a detail. :)
They are not that type of perfectionist.


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Any suggestions for Uriel Antuna?


Tigers Mad

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Any ideas for Eddie Salcedo?

Don't mean to sound rude, but the list on the description of the video. Just click on it and see the description on YT.
Sorry Mate , i Meant the players you use to replace Default faces
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P.S.: When i basecopy and/or create a player based on pesmaster, usually retired players and they did not exist after PES2020, when Tight Possession/Aggression stats appeared, i usually have all stats needed except for Tight Possesion and Aggresion. For those stats, i check to their pes 2015 or pes 2014 versions, if they exist.

For both stats i go to their Combined abilities section.

For Tight Possesion i use Ball Retention stat.
For Aggression i check Interception stat.

Not 100% true, but the stats are similar a lot.