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Faces by Solococo498 (PS4) (No Requests)


Premier League
Calum Chambers (Arsenal)
Nathan Dyer (Swansea)

Ligue 1
Adrien Rabiot
Serie A
Iturbe (Roma)
Sedou Keita (Roma)
Yan M'Villa (Inter)
Salih Ucan (Roma)
Marco Van Ginkel (AC Milan)
K.Koulibaly (Napoli)

Eredisie (Dutch)
Viltor Fischer (Ajax)
Lasse Schone (Ajax)
Toornstra (Feyenoord)

Van Der Vaart (Hamburg)
Pert Jiracek (Hamburg)
Lewis Hotlby (Hamburg)
Patrick Aubameyang (Dortmund)
Milos Jojic (Dortmund)
Olic (Wolfsburg)
Fabian Johnson (Monchebalagh)

Primeria Liga
Andre Carrillo (Sporting)
Copa Sudaamericana 2014
Christian Suarez (Barcelona S.C)
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Edit this year too bad! Not many functions edit like pes 13! I'm new... Still learning! But try my best! If Konami improve the edit, it will b better


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Skin: 6,6,7,7
Head/Face: 3,5,5,-1,5
Facial build: 2,-1,7,1,2,-7,0,5,5,4
Eye brown: 7,2,1,2,black,7,2,7,7,1,-3
Eye: 6,7,5,1,7,-3,2,6,black,-6,-1,0,-4,7,-5,7,0
Ear: -3,6,2
Nose: 11,-1,0,2,-1,-5,-2,7,7
Mouth: 3,8,3,-5,7,7,4,-2
Facial: 8,black,0

Good work.... really appreciate it. Thanks so much


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Can you do Thierry Henry's face?



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First time, edit faces,pes edit this year so bad,little functions,enjoy

Calum Chambers (Arsenal)
Skin: 1,4,6,7
Head/face: 2,4,2,-7,5
Facial Build: 0,-4,-7,3,-7,7,0,4,7,1
Eye Brown: 15,1,1,3,black,3,-1,7,5,7,7
Eye: 8,5,7,1,4,2,-6,2,blue,-7,0,2,4,1,-7,0,3
Ear: 2,1,-4
Nose: 5.-7,4,5,-1,-6,0,-7,3
Mouth: 5,1,-2,-3,-5,4,7-6
Facial: 26, brown,1

M'Villa (Inter)
Skin: 5,6,7,7
Head/Face: 5,4,4,3,4
Facial build: 0,0,0,0,0,-7,0,0,-1,3
Eyes Brown: 1,2,1,3,black,2,-7,7,7,7,7
Eyes: 12,15,7,0,7,-6,-7,-2,black,-2,0,1,3,3,-6,-2,5
Ear: 1,5,5
nose: 12,-1,4,-1,-1,-4,-2,-7,7
Mouth: 3,4,1,5,-3,5,0,-3,
Facial: 26,black,3

Neck Lenght: -2
Neck Width: 5
Calf : -1
Shoulder Height: 1
Should weight; 2

What hair did you use for Chambers?


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Great work on the faces man! Think M'Villa looks amazing! When you have time, do you think you could please do Lasse Schone?



I had many things to fix now in the game! But I will try my best to please u guys and as myself happy! The edit very tired and patience! That's why I never edit before! I know all my edit still look crap! As I'm new to editing along with pes little features edit, that is the best to do it now! The more we do it, the more it get better!
I'm gonna do the coming up players if I have time: hotby, nastasic, Kevin Buyrne,etc...