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[FACES] Copy base players


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Brad Guzan anyone?Or someone could post the whole USA NT basecopu suggestions?

Brad Guzan you can easily build with ingame editor,here´s the formula for him:

Head: Mode 1,0,+4,0,+7,-1
Eyes: Mode 4,Mode 3,-1,+4,Color 5,+2,+1,+4,-4,+4,+1,-5,-5,+1,+1,-2
Eyebrows: Mode 7,Mode 3,0,thin,0,+2,-6,-7,+5,+2
Nose: Mode 1,Mode 1,+1,-1,-4,+1,0
Mouth: Mode 1,Mode 1,+4,+3,-7,0,+2
Beard: Mode 18,0
Cheeks: Mode 4,Mode 1,-4,+2,+1,+3,-7,-7
Ears: -1,+5,-2

Hairstyle: Special 6,Haircolor 6 (you need for eyebrows and beard)

For Tim Howard you can use Borja Valero (Spain/Inter Milan)


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I'm looking for a Marcus Thuram (En Avant Guingamp)'s doppleganger. Badou Ndiaye look a bit alike but if someone have a better idea ?


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Marlon (Sassuso Calcio, Italy) is a perfect match for S.Kalou (former Chelsea forward who now plays for Hertha BSC)



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F. Rønnow Danemark – holding arsenal
Junior Firpo betis seville – Bazoer Porto
Brewster liverpool – Narsingh swansea
Riqui Puig Barca - coric roma – Til az almaar
Coman munich – A.hernandez cska moscou – van anholt crystal palace
Tim Howard = Randolph (Irlanda);
Odisseas VLACHODIMOS benfica GB - tagliafaco ajax
S.VILLA boca juniors - Morelos rangers ou brenet hoffeihem
Gino Peruzzi Boca juniors – leo baptistao espanyol
EMANUEL REYNOSO boca jrs – oscar trejo rayo valecano
Magallan boca juniors – YERAY A atletic


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[MENTION=221205]owen31[/MENTION]: Thanks, you found some good choices for the faces !
I specially like the face you found for Kamara, Araujo and Malcuit.
I'll check the new ones now :)


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Thiago Mendes (Lille): J. Gomez (Liverpool)
Rafel Leao (Lille): Reine Adelaide (Angers)
Siebatcheu (Rennes): Antonio (West Ham)
Hunou (Rennes): B. Mee (Burnley)


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I installed a new option file the other day and loads of free agents have disappeared. I just wondered if a lot of them were deleted when DP 5.0 came out, or if whoever created the option file deleted them (is that even possible)?


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players like f.e. Balta,Assou-Ekotto and Kiessling are still in the game after DP 5.0.
I suggest to make backups on USB Stick from old option files.


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Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig) - Santiago García (Godoy Cruz)
Sebastián Villa (Boca) - Wuilker Fariñez (Millonarios)

vancity eagle

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when you base copy players, and also when you create new players, do you lose any players from any of the fake leagues ? Can you create unlimited amount of players ?


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players like f.e. Balta,Assou-Ekotto and Kiessling are still in the game after DP 5.0.
I suggest to make backups on USB Stick from old option files.

I was close to solve the DLC/LiveUpdate mystery this year, but i came to a dead end again. So that's the problem:

I have two PS accounts, my primary and a secondary one for ML coops ,1vs1 etc.

In my main account, in my pes2019, where i have my main Option File, i had since the beginning moved Kiessling and Fernando Torres , from free agents to some fake teams which i edited. They are still "safe", in my 5.01, as any player you move in a fake (edited) club is, cause they (fake clubs PEU-PAS-PLA) are not affected by Live Updates. If you have a player in an official club, after each update, he moves to his default pool, most commonly National teams or free agents.

In my second account, where i didn't launch PES 2019, since the first day i bought it, but after 2nd or 3rd datapack, i opened up it last week, i did the updates , live update etc and when i went in game, i noticed that players like Kiessling and Fernando Torres, probably players that were removed to free agents after the day one update, were vanished from database, i cannot find them anywhere. The game is vanilla, i had not made a single edit or import never. The same problem i had with Arteta in 2017 ,in the 1.00 version he was in game with scanned face etc, after the first update he vanished from game, cause i had him in free agents.

The problem with these type of players is that they have scanned faces, game plan thumbnails and all the stuff, so it is a big loss, when they are removed from database.