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[FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (no request)


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Fantastic job on creating Riquelme!
Looks much better thank Konami could have ever done it
reputation added


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Thank you very much mate, you have to adapt to this new editor, I particularly liked the editor faces of PES 2013 ... I'll post a STAM of EUROPEAN CLASSICS, which I like as has been ...

Regards :cool2:


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I would recommend to not do faces who had presets in past pes (not including classics) cuz it's been confirmed they will return


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Maquiavelo, Can I show my creations other year here?

¿Maquiavelo, puedo mostrar nuevamente otro año aquí mis caras?


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Hola maquiavelo hay alguna forma de poder usar los parámetros de las caras echas en el pes 2013 para hacerlas en el pes 2014 Muchas gracias

Hello maquiavelo is there a way we can use the face parameters used in pes 2013 to create face in this new pes 2014 thank you


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You have taken just 1 day to master the face editor, and with the removal of face scans, I predict you will be the most popular console face editor (again).