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[FANTASY TEAMS] Taking requests


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henrique1910 - Here is the kit template:

Here is what it looks like with some colour beneath it:


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can you make 3 shirts for me?

home: adidas, black - fly emirates, white
away: adidas, no background - fly emirates, black
gk: adidas - fly emirates- do what you want

Didn't really understand what you wanted me to do here, but I made you two templates. One with White adidas logo and sponser and one with black:

Home Kit // Away Kit // Goalkeeper can use either template



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orite buddy

ovo u r busy the now but when yi have time av got another request..

just this emblem, take out the GIRONA FC and put S.D.C.

but can u make the white bit yellow and replace the image in the diamond with this image.

plus just make 1 transparent strip with the badge on the top and a nike badge.

ano its a lot to ask but i am crap at making these aha .

cheers pal.

Hey mate:


White Trims // Black Trims


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awryt mate,
I was wondering if you could do ma badge again lol

i would like it as the circle still and the eagle without any stars but where the read is can you change that to blue and behind the eagle can you put thick red and white horizontal lines please and a gold outline for the whole badge and put E.C.B at the top of it and any cool design round the circle in the blue like the club brugge badge

lol hope that isnt too confussing thanks...


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Could anyone make a fantasy nike kits with shadow of dragon on the shirt?


home kit red
away - blue and gk black




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Hey can you create the kits for FC Los Hermanos:
I would like the home all yellow with small black details; away black with small yellow details and GK white whit black details. I wan't it Adidas and VISA as sponsor.

Also, can you create a third in a Retro style with the old adidas badge, striped in yellow and black like Penarol (URU) And the sponsor Visa Arena (fake) whith the logo old style (the wy I will show).

Here is the logo I have, use it just to the Third, to the others I would like an badge or something around, remember that the club is portuguese. It was founded in 2009 so something like "Desde 2009" (Since 2009 in portuguese) are welcome. If you can, do it also more modern.