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FC Barcelona

Most important player on the pitch?

  • Puyol

    Votes: 5 3.1%
  • Messi

    Votes: 63 39.1%
  • Xavi

    Votes: 56 34.8%
  • Eto'o

    Votes: 3 1.9%
  • Iniesta

    Votes: 27 16.8%
  • Dani Alves

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Henry

    Votes: 4 2.5%
  • Yaya Touré

    Votes: 3 1.9%

  • Total voters


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01. Victor VALDÉS
13. José Manuel PINTO
25. Albert JORQUERA


02. Martín CÁCERES
03. Gerard PIQUÉ
04. Rafael MÁRQUEZ
05. Carles PUYOL
18. Gabriel MILITO
20. Dani ALVES
22. Éric ABIDAL


06. XAVI Hernadez
08. Andrés INIESTA
15. Seydou KEITA
21. Aliaksandr HLEB
24. Yaya TOURÉ
28. Sergio BUSQUETS


09. Samuel ETO'O
14. Thierry HENRY
10. Lionel MESSI
11. BOJAN Krkic
27. PEDRO Rodríguez


2 European Cups

1991/92, 2005/06

4 European Recups

1978/79, 81/82, 88/89, 96/97


1957/58, 59/60, 65/66

18 Ligas

1928/29, 44/45, 47/48, 48/49, 51/52, 52/53, 58/59, 59/60,
73/74, 84/85, 90/91, 91/92, 92/93, 93/94, 97/98, 98/99, 04/05, 05/06

24 Copas del Rey

1909/10, 11/12, 12/13, 19/20, 21/22, 24/25, 25/26,
27/28, 41/42, 50/51, 51/52, 52/53, 56/57, 58/59, 62/63,
67/68, 70/71, 77/78, 80/81, 82/83, 87/88, 89/90, 96/97,

2 European Supercups

1992/93, 1997/98

6 Spanish Supercups

1983/84, 91/92, 92/93, 94/95, 96/97, 04/05

2 La Liga Cups
1982/83, 85/86



Prince of Voetbal
what can i say...? they are one of my favourite club team! i hope they could beat chelsea in the UEFA champions league and proof that money is not the way to victory!


Registered User
That's good! An official treath for the greatest team ;) good idea Pier69.

What do you think about the game against Chelsea? I think it'll be the most impressive match until now on CL, hope Barça beat them but it will be hard!

One thing Pier69, you've to enclose ALBERTINI (22) and MAXI LOPEZ (11) as new FCB players.



Human After All
I thought you were a Juve fan? ;) Well Barca's my fav spanish team too, so I'll look at this through my fingers. :p


Ace in the Pack
Obviously his avatar tells it all.

Perhaps this thread's for those interested in Barcelona, like most people are. Interesting players, nice play, a lot of stuff to discuss.

Barcelona's my favourite Spanish team too, after Real Madrid :D


Super 14 Champions 2006
nah he is just after the viewing points.. he has seen how popular the Real Madrid thread has been, and highway has earned like 800points via just the views...


Registered User
I love watching Barca play. The attacking players they have are so exciting, it's great for a neutral to watch.

I think the signing of Albertini is a bit silly, what is he... 34 now?

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Barc avs Chelski game... formidable attack against watertight defence. Should be a great match.

Loathing Chelski as I do, I think I will be completely neutral for that game.


Ace in the Pack
-=[101st]=- said:
nah he is just after the viewing points.. he has seen how popular the Real Madrid thread has been, and highway has earned like 800points via just the views...
I don't think he's that desperate is he???

800 points are just points, it's the popualrity of the thread that counts. Should be a successful thread this, and not sink into the next pages of the Football Forum after just 2 or 3 days.


Super Moderator
Personally, I would say Ludovic Giuly is more of a midfielder than a forward. He plays on the wing or as an offensive midfielder mostly. He was certainly a major part of the Monaco midfield last year, with Rothen, but he's gone to PSG.


Ace in the Pack
I agree too.

Though there are many squads which also list players in their best position, rather than the one they usually play in.

United's team squad shows Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs as forwards. Bellion too even though he plays right wing more often.

And Guti is a forward on Real Madrid's squad list.


Super Moderator
They do it on PES as well don't they? They count wingers as forwards, that really bugs me.


Registered User
Barcelona are my favourite Spanish team aswell. I've always thought they were a more "friendly" team in comparison to the multi-million spending, ego-led, racist bunch of Kings and Queens for the "higher class" fans in Madrid.

I seriously hope they hammer Chelsea, can't have them winning the quadruple.

A word about the amazing Samuel Eto'o, I have always thought of him as a good striker whilst at Mallorca and I think it was a good signing when he first joined, but I did not expect him to be notching up goals week in week out, what a phenomenon. Probably more valuable than Ronaldinho so far this season.


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-=[101st]=- said:
nah he is just after the viewing points.. he has seen how popular the Real Madrid thread has been, and highway has earned like 800points via just the views...
u can get points cuz of the views ? i thought u gotta post or gamble to get points , anyway thats cool , i start this thread cuz i have respect to barcelona too , but i can't watch their matches and maybe i can see news and updates here and rumours too , so not only it benefits me , but it also benefits the barcelona fans out there too

mestre dinho

Registered User
Barcelona has a great squad who is playing very well at the moment..the only think they have to improve is their defence and their reserve squad... but as they play atacking entertaining football, i think that they are OK .... if they start buying players who have big egos the team spirit will go down ...... do FORÇA BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!