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FC Cornholio - FIFA 17 Clubs [PS4]


We have an issue with squad numbers, we currently have two 10s at least. Don't know about anyone else but it bugs me. Worth agreeing them here?

It was bugging me, too. Especially when I saw Ziss and Sweey's pros rolling on the ground together, celebrating a goal.


Staff member
Someone gonna have to put a little plus sign in between the two 5's in 55 :banderas:


I don't mind changing but I have had it for years and this new upstart needs to check himself at the door :folarm:

What numbers are in use by everyone?


Witchfinder General
Shame we lost the last game, as we did very well before that. Some great teams goal too, especially the one in that game where DF scored two - for the first, I think O dinked it to him near the edge of the box, I ran on and he quickly span and played me in - just onside - to sweep it home. Lovely pot.


I wouldn't know about the last game as you lot played on without me... though I think I was club'd out after the earlier session as well. That goal was one of the best team goals we've scored this season, particularly excluding counter attacks.


Witchfinder General
I had hoped DF might have saved it, but he was probably too busy saving his own goals.

We only lost the last game 1-0. It was frustrating, we had some chances but it just didn't happen.


I have been 91 since Sweet returned, currently using 7 though as I think it's free. If not happy to change to something else.