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FC Porto


What was that thick shit Vermaelen sent off for?

Forza Roma :evilsweey2:
André Silva had a moth on his neck, Vermaelen was understandably concerned.

This was one of those games that makes you hate to love a team. First 35 minutes were atrocious, certainly between the top 5 worst displays I've ever seen. Danilo was completely (not kidding) useless, Felipe tried twice to score an own goal before succeeding, André André wasn't there, Herrera didn't had any kind of offensive coherence.... Otávio was the only good things upfront, Alex Telles the good one in the back four.

Second half, completely different. Possession went from 30-70 to 66-34, we finally had a midfield (I shouted to the TV and my father HOW CAN THERE BE NOBODY IN A 30 METER RADIUS FROM THE CENTRE OF THE PITCH??? every 5 minutes during the first half. 4-3-3 and there wasn't a single soul in the middle of the park), attack was more or less fluid with many players in front of the ball. Not bad, not great, but left good signs.

What we need now is to start playing before conceding.


It's okay, I didn't want any silverware anyway.

[MENTION=14866]Sweey[/MENTION] is this how it felt to be a Milan fan for the last few years? Because it's shit.

And Swansea is even worse...


It is happening again
It's a shame what happened to him. I have fond memories of signing him in computer games back in the day - Champ Man 01/02, LMA Manager (I actually signed him for Bolton), and playing as Porto in FA Premier League Manager 98.