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Few players, negotiators, etc.


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1) Is there anyway to get a better negotiator/scout in the PC version? It seems to just do it automatically over time but how long and what does it take?

2) My team has won the PL, won the cup, CL, and ranked #1 in the world. However, I have been trying to get CR7 and keeps telling me he doesn't want to take a step down. This makes no sense to me. My team beat RM for the Supercup, is ranked #1, and has better stats than RM. What do I have to do to get this player?



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wait until his affection to his club lowers, now probably he is very happy with his team so won't leave,
keep him monitored and when u see the affection bar less than half than try again!


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I do too have a question how do i sell my players? i already listed some of my players for sale but none seems to be interested and without them out i can't get new players.


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You have to wait for other clubs to snap him up, unless if your that desperate, you can Release players, but you need to pay a small fee.