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Fick's Car Mart


Registered User
Can't find that classic?

Need a specific car but can't afford or see one to buy?

Or just got an old banger you don't need?

Put your requests in here!

(Swaps are at users own risk!)

To start the ball rolling...

I have a spare Daihatsu Midget D type:

As common as Sminky's posting maybe, but surely someone wants one!

+ Need a decent car for the expert series historical race. Anyone anything suitable to offer on loan?


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None of bangers cobblers, you want in to the marital bed you'll sort me out a propah motarrr. I'm a novices novice so a motor with a bit of oomph would be very much appreciated. I'm not looking for a chav buggy, something with decent handling and tight on the corners. (Insert picture here).


The Three Amigos
Sorry to be a bastard, but I don't think there should be an apostrophe in 'Motors' :joel:


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I got a yellow Bugatti Veyron for sale.

Incase your wondering why I'm selling it, I've already got a Veyron which I won from some race