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FIFA 12 Discussion

Lörd TH

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The first bits of info will start to be released soon most likely and tomorrow at 5pm the first official screenshot will be released on facebook, I will post it on here as soon as it's on facebook.


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Fifa is a lost cause for me this year, do you read the official forums? the developers are not interested in fixing bugs whatsoever, fifa 12 will be bugged to fuck yet again, thats a near-certainty.

Still will be nice to hear this years lies, ''personality + 2.0'' or there will be a more realistic be a pro mode where you can be wayne rooney and shag a 60 year old prozzie.

Lörd TH

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First Screenshot



Wow! No, not at the image, but the size of it. It takes a while for it to be automatically resized.

It doesn't really give us much, though, not that I expected it to.

Lörd TH

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Some details from a Dutch website with a rough translation e.g "Banks are now fully integrated with couch potatoes." what? haha
The list we obtained with FIFA Fuma , who in turn thank the journalists of the magazine.
The list

  • New camera closer to the ground, which allows for better depth perception.

    New interface, so a completely new menu put together simpler, more ergonomic and 'soft' is.

    Integrating a new system: Impact Engine, the number of (unnatural) contacts should decrease. Substitute for more realistic collisions. The system now recognizes all the members and know which limb is affected.

    Another new system: Pro Player Intelligence. This creates a better artificial intelligence and, above all the passing system will improve. In the magazine, they also mentioned the increased importance of the attribute 'Vision'.

    So players like Fabregas will have a greater range in terms of visibility of the blind field and therefore better able to adapt, for example, John Terry.

    The automatic pressing has been completely renewed. So will you still be half again pressing the tackle button at the right time to carry out the intervention.

    New animations to protect the ball. Also weaker players will be able to now the ball is held, or at least easier than in FIFA 11.

    New dribbling system with the left stick. Especially for slower dribbling with the ball briefly at the base.

    The balance between attack and defense is better and more realistic. Like the balance between stronger players and more technical players.

    New game presentation inspired by the strong English competition experience.

    Higher risk of injury when a player uses.

    The injuries can be caused either by a duel, and by an unpredictable 'mistakes' or the like without contact with an opponent.

    The system now knows where the injuries to occur. So grab a player to face, then he will have an injury.

    Three new arenas.

    Banks are now fully integrated with couch potatoes.

    Indrukkwekkende new lighting effects, according to journalists.

    The magazine can also find some screenshots, so if you necessarily want to contemplate, then buy the magazine.

    More (gameplay) information you can soon expect, with an ultimate bomb information late May, namely May 20 Stay tuned!


Witchfinder General
Love the stuff about the specific injuries and accidental collisions. Hopefully challenges will result in different types of animations depending on where you catch them.
I'm hoping players can break arms and stuff when they fall over and land awkwardly. We all know we're gonna be pissed when our star man is at the top of the screen without the ball, and then suddenly collapses because he twisted his knee or something stupid like that.

Will lead to more games based on luck than skill I fear.


Witchfinder General
It would be great if players could go up for headers and land awkwardly, breaking necks or collarbones. Or maybe even knocked unconcious and dare I say it die on the pitch?
Or maybe even knocked unconcious and dare I say it die on the pitch?

We've always pined for that sort of feature haven't we barn, especially in games like Football Manager, where you check your daily news and see one of your players has been stricken with cancer or aids or involved in a mph crash.

Never gonna happen though.


Witchfinder General
I'd settle for unconsciousness and the occasional swalled tongue at this point. But it's leg snappers I'm more interested in.


It would be good to see the players that are "injury prone" sometimes pull up with a hamstriing injury when chasing a ball. I hope it's not as frequent as the handballs in FIFA11, though.

I would also like FIFA12 to recognise all contact. Too often have I skipped past a defender and been tripped, but nothing is given, because it wasn't a programmed tackle attempt.


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The jist is:

Introduction of the ‘Impact Engine’ which supposedly calculates contact between players, including their hips, knees etc. with the AI keeping track of areas of the body players have been injured during a match, plus the addition of off the ball injuries...:erm:

Also introduces 'Vision Game’, which promises to make passing more realistic in addition to a more developed personality Plus

New presentation inspired by English football crowds.

Three new arenas and something about a new left stick dribble and a new camera angle closer to the ground.


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I assume they mean the atmosphere.

Either that of fat, tatooed Pompey fans at every game...:erm: