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FIFA 16 Review {In Depth}


After playing 3 career seasons with Stevenage I decided to drop it - just too much CPU cheating, was driving me insane watching for CPU ball snapping events (happens every few seconds) instead of having fun.

But instead of abandoning the game entirely I decided to start a Leverkusen career. The switch in CPU behavior was surprising.

I expected a higher division, more difficult,y but the exact opposite happened. Suddenly my forwards had space in the box to receive crosses - like all the time. In league 2 this never happened, every cross was met with miraculous CPU ability to run underneath and head it out.

There were a number of other CPU related behavior that made the game so much easier - but why would i play more difficult opponents and the game get easier, particularly in them giving you much more free space.

I remember PES 2015 did this same exact behavior - Choose a top level team such as City or in my case Leverkusen and the CPU allows you to be a top level team by dumbing themselves instead of working harder against you. Its the exact opposite behavior you should expect. Through balls are much easier because the CPU now acts stupid and lets you by them instead of always being in the best position to intercept them. Then, once i am through i don't see the CPU chase down to get in front of the shot on goal. So backwards, this game.


I also started an Premier League career along with Bundesliga.

The difference in CPU behavior is astounding between these and a League 2 in all the ways you would not expect.

So [MENTION=52166]Dragonfly[/MENTION] I dare you to challenge the CPU to a game of ball one on one at the League 2 level. Challenge him!! Aight? And make sure your people is there to see the game!