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Fifa 17


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I don't think manually changing their tactics will make a difference. They all have different default tactics in the first place. I think the CPU teams are programmed to play a certain way, despite what the tactics suggest. Custom tactics only affect human players, from what I can tell.

That's a shame, that would have made it so much better. If only we could merge the best things about FIFA and PES we could have an amazing game.

I currently own PES 2017 but I like the FIFA 17 demo. Do you think it's worth getting?


We've been wanting the best of PES and FIFA for many years!

Although I'm enjoying FIFA 17, there are still some critical issues that makes it difficult for me to recommend it wholeheartedly. Namely, a second delay when trying to play the ball, which comes and goes randomly. I could do with the GKs being better, too.

However, if you enjoyed the demo, then you'll probably enjoy the full game.


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the story mode is a good idea,but you can only play this for one year.

a career for me is to play as a promising young player till the end,when player is about 35 years and think about to retire from soccer.

gameplay from FIFA 17 is good and i like to play with women national teams.

but Editing players in FIFA is very poor...