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FIFA 18 Clubs - yes or no?


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I think we need more than the six of us for Clubs (I'm excluding Jonno's initial fortnight) and I don't want to buy FIFA on PS4 unless we're doing Clubs for at least a few months.

Given that Barn has so far said he's unsure if he'll participate, do we have any others we can team up with or is this the inevitable end?


Staff member
Well I'm getting the game, so if there is a club I'll be joining.


Apparently they have made quite a few changes according to those who got the beta. I've ordered it after my initial doubts, might as well order it now or I'll order it later.

If there's a club, I'll join.


I will be playing clubs, not sure who else we can get involved. Dragonfly still plays Fifa so maybe he will join.


Registered User
I might get it then.

Will probably only be able to do the odd night during a week (which might be a good thing, every night becomes overkill).


If we can manage 2-3 nights per week that's enough I think. Not ideal but we're all busy with different things and Sunday is a no-go anyway (NFL :sweey2:)


Registered User
I'll be around to play some clubs. Hopefully it's improved, last few years its felt quite stale.


The Three Amigos
Hopefully they've disabled the ability to call for a pass from the CPU otherwise most of you are fucked :ninja:


Registered User
That was good fun last night, 9 goals in 7 games for me. Clubs in general plays slightly better than in the past but there's still so much bullshit that goes on.