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Fifa 2008

Has Fifa taken the best football game crown from PES this year?

  • Yes

    Votes: 33 45.2%
  • No

    Votes: 26 35.6%
  • Nearly, perhaps by next year.

    Votes: 14 19.2%

  • Total voters


Registered User
also for yall that didnt know FIFA is pretty damn good with the CEP patch and NK football enchancer , the CEP (career expention patch) is a mod that add like all the leagues from around the world,accurate stats,full champion league,full UEFA cup,all cup from around the world,a world cup tournament and much much more, and the NK football enchancer give you a proper realistic gameplay wich is pretty damn good,so yea if your playing a basic FIFA ,yes it do suck and unrealistic but with added patch and stuff it become quite a good game that I enjoy more than PES since of the complete manager mode and proper passing and free-kicks.

I mean Pass is so slow in PES and free-kick is impossible and those 2 thing hurted alot PES popularity this year


PESGaming legend in opposite world
Where can I get the patch?
Will try it to see the 'enhanced gameplay'.


Registered User
all stuff can be found here in then go on extend your game there you go youll have the list of update you can do and all that stuff, plus NK football WE.5 just got release the last update on the07 series and their already working on the 08 installment.


Woo Woo Woo
There's some new screen-shots on IGN. Here's the best of 'em...

Some PS3 gameplay too.

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Registered User
The players positioning when the take a corner looks horrible. As always its still way too easy to dribble past everyone and shoot. Only reason I'm gonna get this game is because they a bunch of new chants including Liverpools


Registered User
I think it looks pretty decent. I like the way Rooney just stood there doing keep ups. Just hope they don't take the freestyle away again on the 360. Most probably will buy this.


Mr Lover Man
I think it looks pretty decent. I like the way Rooney just stood there doing keep ups. Just hope they don't take the freestyle away again on the 360. Most probably will buy this.

Very realistic. :rolleyes:

This game does just not interest me at all.

Edit: I added the smiley so to make clear I was being sarcastic about the "very realistic" comment.


Registered User
the gameplay look to be slower wich is good but it look like its way too easy to pull of moves, I will still be getting it forthe PC tough...


Alive in the superunknown
Those skills are rediculous! When will they learn that thses things very rarely happen in football. Stopping and doing kickups is taking the pisssss!

As good as those images look, they are heavily photoshopped.


Registered User
The players turn and move very slow and not one trick work except the rainbow. I doubt you will be able to take anyone on, one on one. :(

Anyway, I will still get it because it is a soccer game.


Registered User
The graphics look a million times better than PES2008.

I'll probably pick up both games. Its quite clear that FIFA08 IS improving. There is no denying that.

PES2008 looks the same to me.


Registered User
Fifa 08 is gonna own Pes 2008. I hope Konami get crushed this year so Konami improve Pes 2009.


Registered User
If FIFA 08 can challenge the gameplay of PES, maybe in turn PES will improve because to tell you the truth it's just the same old thing. The gameplay could improve in PES too I find it sometimes to be a little to fast and slick, and easy to get past defenders. Also the 3 star difficulty is the hardest to score on (which should be 5 or 6 star). And the number of licensed leagues, teams, cup competitions and correct names on PES can't compare to FIFA (what is there like 6 leagues?). Im a huge fan of PES but I think If they don't step up their game and improve The FIFA series might just be the one to play (besides I'm tired of master league).