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Fluminense Classic Teams


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I'm back to the forum... I use to do some option in ps3 era. Retired for lack of time (and get older as well). But I started to do some Fluminense classic teams for myself. So my idea is keep doing more Fluminense classic teams as I have some free time. I just did my first one.

FLUMINENSE 1984 (Brazilian Champs - Branco, Ricardo Gomes , Romerito and "Casal 20")


KITSs by @Pippjfreak aka David Sanders

Branco and Ricardo Gomes by @WizardsMj

Romerito by Ciervos Clásicos ,

Assis and Washington by Canal QueQuezo

Paulo Victor by Zsolt

Others players by me (remember I'm not close to a professional facemaker...)


Just send an email in the you tube comments and I share the folder. Is easy I can share faster that way. Free as always.

Always try to put all the credits I can find.

I have a wish list to do in the rest of Pes 2020 time.

But have the kits is essential to me.

I already have this kits:

2012 full kit set ( Brazilian champs - Fred & Deco)
1995 full kit set ( Gol de Barriga - Renato Gaucho)
1976 full kit set ( Maquina Tricolor - Rivelino)
1992 full kit set ( Copa do Brasil 2nd place - Bobo and Super Ezio)
2008 full kit set ( Libertadores 2nd place - Thiago Silva "Monstro")
2004 home kit ( Romario& Edmundo) need away and gk
2002 centenary orange kit ( 100 Years team - Romario) need home, away and gk
1988 home kit - need away and gk

Most wanted kits

2010 full kites ( Brazilian champs - Conca amazing year) need home, away, third and gk
2007 full kitset ( Copa do Brazil champs) need home, away , third and gk
1970 full Kitset ( Brazilian Champs - Felix) need home, away and gk
1952 full kitset ( World Champ - Copa Rio - Tele Santana and Castilho) need home, away and gk

Next team in progress is Fluminense 2012 kits by @Pippjfreak aka David Sanders

So if you have any Fluminense classic kit and faces or can help doing some please share with me here.

Enjoy mates.

Cheers from Rio and stay safe!
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Just send an email in the you tube comments and I share the folder. Is easy I can share faster that way. Free as always.
How is it easier and faster to share the link by having to go to YouTube and then turning around having to email you and then wait fo you to return the email instead of posting the direct link? That makes no sense unless your forcing people to give your YouTube hits for the link????????

Why not just post the direct link here since this section is for sharing OFs and all you are sharing is a video?


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Its in a google drive. I can share with who wants it. just it. Download link is always breaking. You can send a email in the comment and dont like .i dont ask to like or join the channel.