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Football Manager 2008 Vs FIFA Manager 08


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Well I never play FIFA Manager 08 so I can't decide which is better.


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Although I can't make comparison between the games, I highly doubt that fifa manager could be as good as FM. I'm probably wrong here but I assume FIFA manager was aimed towards console gamers so probably won't have a database the size of FM's on the PC.


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FIFA Manager 2008 sucks badly, the only thing better is the 3D engine and it aint that realistic too! no.1 u cant buy players u want, they normally say that the transfer does not makes sense cos it will cause alot of trouble in the team. FUCK! And the wat damn play golf thingy is just to get close to ur Board and nothing else, its not so attracting as Football Manager is, at least better than LMA Manager for some reasons, LMA players looks like retarted idiots running arount the pitch ang the ball looks like it has engine cos it moves fast, overall, i rate FIFA Manager 6.5/10 and Football Manager 9.8/10. Could have been 10 only because it doesnt have the sex. LOL i actually dont know why i dont want to give it 10/10!


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There is absoloutely no doubt in my mind that Football Manager 2008 kicks the shite out of FIFA Manager 2008. I've played both and yeah as the poster above me said FIFA Manager 2008 has a better Match Engine but that doesn't bother me in the slightest seeing as I only watch the Text Commentary on FM anyways.

And if we're rating then; FIFA Manager 2008: 6/10, Football Manager 2008: 9/10. I can't get used to FIFA Manager 2008 due to all of my years on FM 2008 so maybe that's why I dislike it so greatly. FM 08' doesn't deserve a 10 as it has quite a few flaws in, but nothing too major that a patch can't sort out. The recent patch that I have is great though, saying that.


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really it does. and kicks it till it bleeds! I just got CM2008, got bored playing it for 30 minutes. LOL waste of time, thirty minutes could see me win Valencia and procees to the finals of the Champions League!