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Football Manager 2013 - online game


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Right, to try and get this organised properly, once and for all.

Here is what I propose:

  • I will host the game on my machine. We will use a large database with quite a few leagues running (TBC).
  • Play will take place every Thursday and Saturday evening, on both occasions starting at 7pm and running until 10pm.
  • A starting division will be mutually agreed. After this decision has been made, each manager's team in that division will be drawn at random by a non-playing PESGaming member.

Some ground rules:

  1. Real players will be used. Attributes will be hidden. A transfer update will be used. First window budgets will not be permitted.
  2. Managers are not allowed to use the search-by-name feature. Only in-game scouting methods are allowed to be used that complement your in-game world 'knowledge'.
  3. Games will not be moved for television - meaning that all teams will play at the same time.
  4. Play the game in the style that suits you - we will not impose strict time-limits on turns, but of course excessive slowing down of the process will result in you getting berated.

Other things to be agreed.

Who's keen?


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Nae luck, this is a great idea. As I said before there's no way I could take part due to the time commitments, but I really hope you manage to get it going.


This looks like a recipe for disaster. I can tell you right now, more than one person playing will have trouble finding time to play the game and more than two people will NEVER work.


I started a new game with my 2 brothers, we started new clubs and had £100m to build our squads, out of that I managed to sign 3 mega stars. Thought Jack@13m, Neymar@20m and Hazard@12m was good business.

The rest of the squad then I bought up spending no more than 3-4m per purchase. I'm hoping to make top 4 but having Utd, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, The pool, The Spuds, Everton and the other 2 custom teams to deal with it might be tricky.

Has anyone ever discussed the tactical side of the game much on here, I've a few half decent ones but nothing invincible.